Bright Swimwear

Year after year I look at swimsuits when they start hitting the stores in January and I rarely find anything that looks decent on me. Last year I got lucky when I hit the sales racks at Target but thats about it for swimsuit shopping in the past 5 years. You guys know how much I love to support brands that give back to the world and Bright Swimwear is here to throw you a life raft!

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Swimsuit Haul

I’m not that big on swimming to be honest but I always love a good swimsuit just in case I need one. In the past I always struggled to find anything I really liked and I usually ended up with only one that I would spend way too much on. I finally found some winners and here they are and all of them were at a decent price! Continue reading “Swimsuit Haul”

Refreshing “Mocktails”

Since it’s September and still hot out I would like to share with you guys some of my favorite thirst quenchers. For the most part I try to stay away from high sugar content drinks like soda pop so I go more for tea, coffee, or a glass of refreshing water. Sometimes I like something different though which is why I started drinking more of these refreshers. Continue reading “Refreshing “Mocktails””