Being a Meat Cutter Around the Holidays|Blogmas

12 Days of Blogmas

By the looks of the title I’m sure A LOT of you already know where I am going with this…Customers are the absolute worst this time of year!!! I work in the meat department as a meat cutter and people sure do get sore about finding that perfect turkey or that 8 Rib Standing Roast that doesn’t exist. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many people I have had to explain that one too.

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When Lee and I moved out I got super into cook books and had the thought that I would actually use them……well better late than never I guess haha I decided to crack open my marshmallow recipe book and give those a try. The lovely creators of this recipe are the same people that wrote the book All Things Marshmallows so head on over to your local bookstore and check it out!

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Chocolate & Fruit Breakfast Pastry

This is my first time working with puff pastry so bare with me. I saw this recipe for a Double Chocolate and Fruit Breakfast Pastry on my twitter feed and I was dying to try it because of how delicious it looked. I will even leave a link at the bottom directing you to where I found it if you prefer to see the original. This is most certainly not the healthiest breakfast item but it is certainly worth trying on a cheat day. Continue reading “Chocolate & Fruit Breakfast Pastry”

Wing it Pasta

This recipe is for everyone! It is the most simple pasta dish I have ever made and to my knowledge I created it but I am sure someone else has done it as well. It is cheap, simple, quick, and most of all delicious. If you are a pasta connoisseur like myself then you will love it. Continue reading “Wing it Pasta”

Everything Cupcake

I have this obsession with cupcakes that I can not even begin to explain. I just love the idea of eating things that are in cupcake form because its so adorable and simple. Plus, there are several things that can be made into cupcakes besides the traditional cupcake. I am constantly rummaging through my cook books and finding recipes that I can make with my cupcake pan. Continue reading “Everything Cupcake”