Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Is it weird to be obsessed over a cleaning product? Nahhhh. If you haven’t sniffed the wonderful scents of Mrs. Meyers then your home is definitely missing out on the most vibrant scents. From Radishes to Honeysuckle this brand catches all those scents that will leave your home smelling deliciously fresh.

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August Favorites

Its the beginning of the month again which means it must be time for a favorites post! Literally these are my favorite types of blogs and YouTube videos and I know you guys love them too. This month I am getting way too excited about Fall and you are about to see what I mean when I say WAY too excited.

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March Favorites

I seriously can’t believe that it is already April! It just popped up out of no where. Soon it will be December and we won’t even know how haha This favorites post is pretty much just a beauty haul because I found a few really nice makeup products that will be perfect for the quickly approaching summer.

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January Favorites

I promise I will get better at doing a favorites post at the end of every month! I even wrote it in my day planner for every month to do a favorites post. January wasn’t a huge month for favorites but I did find a few things here and there that I would love to share with all of you. If you go back to my Christmas Haul everything has kind of been the same because who doesn’t enjoy there Christmas presents as much as possible and quick as possible haha January is all about enjoying those Christmas presents.

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For the Love of TV

In the past I have done a few book reviews here and there but today I would like to do something a little different. I want to tell you guys about all my favorite TV shows and why I enjoy them so much. I’ll be honest, I watch way too much TV and I need to work on reading more and doing more than just sitting at home.

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October & November Favorites

I know this is a little late guys but I’ve hit quite a rough patch in family life over the past week and I haven’t been able to concentrate enough on anything to make a perfect post that I will want on my blog. I can’t let my October Favorites go unnoticed though and I figured since its already over half way through November that I would add in my favorites from this month as well.
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August Favorites

I cannot believe that it is already September! Where has the time gone this year? This month I have been seeing a lot of people doing monthly favorites and I have decided to join the group. I am not sure if I will be making a monthly favorites blog post every month but we shall see. I thought it would be mostly fun since the seasons are changing and I am one of those people that go Fall crazy Continue reading “August Favorites”