Home Decor Collections

Money, money, money…..something we all wish we had more of. When I first moved out I was so worried about spending money on home decor because I had to make sure I had plenty for rent and groceries and all of those other fun bills that come along with adulthood. Things are going to get better very soon! I recently came into contact with this lovely new company called Home Decor Collections on Shopify. They are here to the rescue for people looking for inexpensive home decor, which now a days is very hard to find.

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The Minimalist Dream

I wish I could live a minimalist lifestyle. I almost think that I could but at the same time I have way too many books. I’m looking around my home and I honestly don’t have much that is storage but then I look in my kitchen and I can’t bare to part with all my spices and coffee mugs. There is one thing that I want in my life that will be my minimalist dream and that is a Tiny House.

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21st Birthday Celebration

Everyone knows that when it comes to your best friends birthday it is quite a big deal. To top that off it was also my best friends 21st birthday which makes it out to be an even bigger celebration. My best friend, Esther, and I not only look a lot a like but our birthdays are only 20 days apart. I, myself just turned 21 on November 1st and her birthday is November 21st. Since I live on my own I decided to go all out and plan a birthday to remember for her and began to decorate. Continue reading “21st Birthday Celebration”