Christmas Baking|Blogmas

12 Days of Blogmas

There is just no Christmas without some holiday baking sessions! Every year I love making those white chocolate dipped molasses cookies and I’m certainly not going to stop now! I’ve added a few new items to my baking list this year and I must say, my sweet tooth is loving it!

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Day 9| Christmas Molasses

You can’t go through the month of December without baking something! I started baking these cookies last year and everyone fell in love with them and they really are absolutely beautiful and super simple. So get in your kitchen and stock your pantry with these items and lets get baking!

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Red Velvet Madeline Cookies

Well, its officially the Holiday season for me. So much so that I am even busting out a Christmas time recipe. I love Christmas!!! I have always been a fan of the classic soft and moist Madeline cookie but why not change it up every now and then. I always past the Madeline cookie pans in the baking section and thought they made very pretty cookies but never thought of making them myself until I thought of these possibilities. Continue reading “Red Velvet Madeline Cookies”

Vanilla Cookie Tarts

The moment I saw this on Pinterest I knew what I had to do. I started up my oven and got to work! To be honest they do take some time to make but that was mainly because whenever I try a new recipe I tend to go a bit slower so I don’t mess it up. What I enjoyed with this recipe is that Continue reading “Vanilla Cookie Tarts”