Christmas in July with Basic Invite

It’s beginning to look a lot like July…just try and tell me you didn’t start singing along like that was the beginning of a Christmas song. Don’t lie, I know you did! Now that Summer is in full bloom, isn’t it about that time of the year to talk about Christmas? Bikini’s come out in January, so planning your next big Christmas party should start in July. Don’t worry, I’m about to make your Invitations and Christmas card creating super easy, elegant, & affordable.

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21st Birthday Celebration

Everyone knows that when it comes to your best friends birthday it is quite a big deal. To top that off it was also my best friends 21st birthday which makes it out to be an even bigger celebration. My best friend, Esther, and I not only look a lot a like but our birthdays are only 20 days apart. I, myself just turned 21 on November 1st and her birthday is November 21st. Since I live on my own I decided to go all out and plan a birthday to remember for her and began to decorate. Continue reading “21st Birthday Celebration”