Brands That Help The World

I have talked about this time and time again and I decided to finally just make a full list that I can only hope will inspire some of you to try new things. Helping others has never been easier and with the brands I will list below, you can just buy your day to day necessities and still be doing a lot of good. Adapting to new things can be hard but I promise this is worth it.

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Project 7

A vast amount of people in the world chew gum on a regular basis. Why not chew for the greater good? I was recently in line at one of my local shops and you know how it goes, they put those little bits right next to the checkout line to make you buy more than just what you’re carrying, well I have to admit this trick worked on me. I saw this adorable pack of gum with perfect packaging. You guys know how much I love my packaging! Continue reading “Project 7”