“The One-Legged Lady From Balmoral Road”

Here’s a title that will grab your attention! What could it be about? How did she lose the leg? If you are a reader who can’t get enough of cozy chick lit books then this is perfect for you! This is the type of book I like to get all cozy and read on a cold rainy day. It’s a quick read with ALL of those ‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’ moments that every one will understand whether they know someone who has gone through it or they are that someone. Get cozy and get reading!

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“The Bookshop on the Corner” Book Review

I can’t get over this book! I’ve moved on to two other books since reading it and each time I start reading I think I’m still reading a book about a girl in a small village and her van full of books. I just didn’t want the story to end!

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“Don’t Worry, Life is Easy” Book Review

I LOVED THIS BOOK AND THE BOOK BEFORE IT!!! Agnes Martin-Lugand is just an amazing author and last year I fell in love with her book Happy People Read and Drink Coffee. I even wrote a book review on it last year so if you’d like to head on over check it and click here. This is going to be another hard book review to write because I get way too excited and I just want to talk about every bit of the book but I can’t spoil it for you!

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“D.C. Trip” By Sara Benincasa

Definitely a must read! I couldn’t put this book down because of how hilarious and fun this book was. It captivates the reader and keeps the reader focused on each character by splitting the stories every other chapter. This would be a great book for everyone especially young adults.

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“The Light of Paris”

For me reading has always been a struggle, but I am beginning to love it more and more and I have begun to get more into fiction and mysteries rather than biographies. Let me just say that this book was a hit for me as a beginner fiction reader. The slight but not over powering detail and the fact that the writer set the time period was perfect for my imagination to run loose. It was based in 1924 and 1999 which might not make sense now but keep reading and you’ll understand. Continue reading ““The Light of Paris””

“Happy People Read & Drink Coffee”


As of December of 2015 I finally graduated from college leaving me with quite an amount of spare time on my hands to do whatever. Majority has been disolved by extra time at work but during my spare time I have been trying to read more. Continue reading ““Happy People Read & Drink Coffee””