Going Brandless | Positive Vibe Reviews

I never liked titles to begin with so obviously Brandless was the way to go! I stumbled across an ad for Brandless while scrolling through Instagram and it really caught my eye. The clean look of the packaging, the simplicity, and the fact that EVERYTHING on their site is literally $3.

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My Blogs 1st Birthday

A YEAR!!!!!! I can’t believe how time has just flown right past me! It has been one year since I started my small blog and even though it is not very popular I am so happy that I can say I have my little group of followers. This post is more about you guys than me.  Continue reading

February Favorites

This is the hardest favorites posts I have ever done! Usually they are a breeze and I can easily find several new items that I wants to share with you guys but this month……..this was a tough one. Not many new things cam into my life I guess you could say but i still managed to scrounge up a few items that i would love to share. P.S. sorry if this is a short post 😦

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Nominated for the Liebster Award 2016

When I saw the news on my notification feed I was so excited!! I am honored to be nominated for the Liebster award by the Beckoning Beauty Blog because Becca runs a fabulous blog and I absolutely love her posts and she is one of the bloggers that I can definitely see going somewhere in the blogging career. I am so proud of Becca and all her amazing work as a blogger and it means a lot to me that she actually nominated me for this award considering I look up to her as a blogger.
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