100th Blog Post

Even though it’s not that big of a deal and I probably should have hit 100 within my first year of doing this blog, it’s finally here! My 100th Blog Post is mainly about me reflecting on my past posts and what better time for that than January. Looking back I can see my high points and my low points and what kind of posts did better than others and which ones I wish I hadn’t uploaded since they aren’t up to my standards now.

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Holiday Decor|Blogmas

12 Days of Blogmas

Trees, lights, and ornaments OH MY! Its a whole new ball game in a house! Although I haven’t done as much decorating as I would have liked, my funds went elsewhere on a beautiful new addition to our home which you will soon be seeing. Being able to decorate not only one mantle but two has certainly been fun and not to mention, two trees!

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Home Decor Collections

Money, money, money…..something we all wish we had more of. When I first moved out I was so worried about spending money on home decor because I had to make sure I had plenty for rent and groceries and all of those other fun bills that come along with adulthood. Things are going to get better very soon! I recently came into contact with this lovely new company called Home Decor Collections on Shopify. They are here to the rescue for people looking for inexpensive home decor, which now a days is very hard to find.

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The Minimalist Dream

I wish I could live a minimalist lifestyle. I almost think that I could but at the same time I have way too many books. I’m looking around my home and I honestly don’t have much that is storage but then I look in my kitchen and I can’t bare to part with all my spices and coffee mugs. There is one thing that I want in my life that will be my minimalist dream and that is a Tiny House.

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D.I.Y. Adorable Planters

I am new to the DIY scene but I’m actually enjoying it so far! This one was very easy but the only issue is having a steady hand which I do not have so maybe try some stencils for the design or drawing with a pencil before hand. I haven’t even explained what I made yet did I? Decorative plant pots!

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Day 6| Christmas Potpourri

Hello Blogmas readers!! To be honest this was a long shot for me and the fact that it came out somewhat successful shocked me. I am so impatient with things like this and even though I may have kind of burned them I am ready for round two at least.

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Dreaming of Leaves Falling

I don’t think I have ever been more ready for FALL!!!!! I just want to see leaves falling and the sky turn into that grey blur when it’s ready to rain. Oh how I miss those days dearly. Fall is where I can wear all my favorite clothing items and bring out all my comfy jumpers and cozy sweatshirts. Whose excited to wear that never worn jumper you bought when they all went on sale back in May? I AM SO READY!!!!

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June & July Favorites

June was a slow month for new items to pop up but July has been filled with new and fantastic finds! I have gotten really big on Home Decor recently and trying to upgrade bits of furniture so you will be seeing lots of stuff like that in this post. There are  few beauty and makeup favorites as well but enough of this chit chat, lets just jump right in.

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Bar Cart 

For some reason I have always had this fascination with wanting a Bar Cart. I don’t know why, I don’t even drink! I just love the looks of them and even if you don’t drink you can still make it into anything you want and decorate it however you want. I have to admit, there are some really beautiful bottles out there with interesting designs and you can pretty much find one to match any homes style.

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