Brands That Help The World

I have talked about this time and time again and I decided to finally just make a full list that I can only hope will inspire some of you to try new things. Helping others has never been easier and with the brands I will list below, you can just buy your day to day necessities and still be doing a lot of good. Adapting to new things can be hard but I promise this is worth it.

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Being a Meat Cutter Around the Holidays|Blogmas

12 Days of Blogmas

By the looks of the title I’m sure A LOT of you already know where I am going with this…Customers are the absolute worst this time of year!!! I work in the meat department as a meat cutter and people sure do get sore about finding that perfect turkey or that 8 Rib Standing Roast that doesn’t exist. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many people I have had to explain that one too.

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Christmas Baking|Blogmas

12 Days of Blogmas

There is just no Christmas without some holiday baking sessions! Every year I love making those white chocolate dipped molasses cookies and I’m certainly not going to stop now! I’ve added a few new items to my baking list this year and I must say, my sweet tooth is loving it!

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Day 15| Advent Calendar Haul

On the morning of December 1st, what is the first thing you do? Open your advent calendar!!!!! Everyone has to experience the joy of getting a daily chocolate for the count down of Christmas and I take this very seriously and each year I swear it gets worse and worse haha Lets just start out by saying because I have three this year….

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When Lee and I moved out I got super into cook books and had the thought that I would actually use them……well better late than never I guess haha I decided to crack open my marshmallow recipe book and give those a try. The lovely creators of this recipe are the same people that wrote the book All Things Marshmallows so head on over to your local bookstore and check it out!

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February Favorites

This is the hardest favorites posts I have ever done! Usually they are a breeze and I can easily find several new items that I wants to share with you guys but this month……..this was a tough one. Not many new things cam into my life I guess you could say but i still managed to scrounge up a few items that i would love to share. P.S. sorry if this is a short post 😦

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Breakfast Parfait Jars

I believe I have mentioned this before but I really struggle with eating breakfast and I think I may have found something that really works for me. Everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is true, when I don’t eat anything for breakfast I am usually starving by 10 in the morning which is not healthy. I was recently looking on Pinterest for some quick and easy breakfast ideas and I saw yogurt parfait cups as one of the top Pins and thought “I can do that! Just a few jars and simple ingredients.”

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