Brands That Help The World

I have talked about this time and time again and I decided to finally just make a full list that I can only hope will inspire some of you to try new things. Helping others has never been easier and with the brands I will list below, you can just buy your day to day necessities and still be doing a lot of good. Adapting to new things can be hard but I promise this is worth it.

I always try to promote brands that give back to the community or help developing countries. There are so many parts of the world that need help and over the past few years I have come across some absolutely amazing discoveries. Did you know you can just buy your average multi-surface cleaner, at a very cheap price, and still be giving back to people who need food? Did you know you could buy a box of tampons and help a girl that can’t afford them get what she needs? Did you know that you can even buy a pack of gum that will help SEVEN different causes? It’s absolutely amazing what we can do just buy purchasing our day to day items. Every little bit counts!

  1. Project 7
  2. Bright Swimwear
  3. Elon Novak
  4. This Is L.
  5. Toms
  6. The Tote Project
  7. Who Gives a Crap
  8. Brandless
  9. Beedewy



All wonderful brands that want the world to be a better place and do everything they can to make it easier for people to do some good. I haven’t been disappointed by any of these brands ever and I remember back in high school I always wore Toms and they certainly lasted well considering I did a TON of walking. Project 7 Gum is at pretty much every grocery store now and Targets, finding that is a breeze. I understand not all of these brands are practical for everyones lifestyle, but there are thousands of other brands that are out there I’m sure you can use.


I hope this gives a little insight as to how much good we can do with just making a small purchase and it all adds up. Who knows, maybe one of these brands could solve world hunger! Wouldn’t that be a beautiful accomplishment? I would love to hear about any other brands that give back and which brands you use. See ya soon!


Bright Swimwear                   ASHLEY15 to save 15%

Elon Novac                               simplyashley to save 20%

Beedewy                                   simplyashley to save 10%






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