Boston Here We Come

LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY!!! I am so excited to tell you guys this and by the name of the title I’m sure you already know. I’M GOING TO BOSTON! My mom and I are finally taking the Mother & Daughter trip we have dreamed of my whole entire life and it has almost arrived.

Not only has this been a dream all of my life, this has been in the works since June of 2018 and I had to hide it from my mom the entire time. Every year I always get my mom one big gift that I know she will love. She does so much for me and I am all about giving back to her after everything she has done for me while growing up. It’s always been just the two of us so we are literally two peas in a pod. We ARE the Gilmore Girls except we ARE the Kronberger Girls…not as catchy unfortunately.

My mom was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on December 24th, 1958 and throughout her childhood lived there off and on due to her father being in the Air Force. Massachusetts was her favorite place to live and always told me about all the beautiful scenery that you can find back there. We both love Fall and Winter weather so the East Coast is definitely ideal for our lifestyles. Plus we both love Brick buildings and old things haha If I moved back there I would probably prefer a home from the 1800s rather than something brand new. Partially due to cost but I also love the character and old charm you can find in older homes. I can only hope it isn’t haunted.


Last year we took our first trip together to San Jose and we decided to keep it up every year. Well, I took it to extremes when I got her this Christmas Present. I started with checking with her boss to see when she could take time off and it not be extremely busy. I then spent months of price checking, planning where to stay, what airline to use, when to go. I finally found an adorable apartment building right near the center for a decent price for 4 nights. Luckily Southwest came to the rescue by offering $200 credit when you open a Southwest credit card and make your first purchase. This brought the original $800 round tickets from Sacramento to Boston down to $600! Making this entire trip way under my budget which is always the goal.


I then realized I had no idea how to actually give her this present. This is where my Aunt stepped in and creating the most Massachusetts stocking. It had the state bird on it, she put a can on New England Clam Chowder, a Bee Gee’s album, two custom luggage tags (I put those on the bottom), red socks, and a glass Edison Bulb shaped container with a rolled up paper inside. On the paper I wrote We’re going to Boston in April, Merry Christmas! When she pulled the glass out she didn’t even think to look at the paper and I had to stop her and make her read it before pulling out the luggage tags. It took two times for it to register what the paper said and she burst into tears haha. She was so excited and all she kept saying was, “I’m going to Boston. I’m going home!” I couldn’t believe how excited she was and she practically forgot all about her other very large present, which was a nice dark green hardshell suitcase for her to use on our trip. She instantly started planning all the places we need to go to and all I could think about was all the different restaurants and cafes I want to try. Leave it to me to think about food when travel is mentioned.

In case you were curious, no she has not eaten the clam chowder yet.

Stay tuned for the future Boston Post! There will be so many pictures of buildings, doorways, food, coffees, and anything else I find in that beautiful city. See ya soon lovelies!




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