Why Pewdiepie?

I never thought I would ever be writing this blog post. Sometimes you do things to make your other half happy…this is one of those things. If you spend a good amount of time on Youtube, you will probably know of a man name Felix, A.K.A Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie is the BIGGEST Youtuber in the world with almost 90 million subscribers. As of recently a company called T-Series is challenging all the Pewdiepie followers and is trying to take the reign as #1.

I’ll just say it straight forward…





This is practically a life or death situation, if you ask some of the crazed Pewdiepie fans out there, *cough* *cough* Lee. What will happen to Youtube if Pewdiepie loses his spot as #1? He’s only held the title since 2013! We must not let T-Series win this battle. T-Series is a music and movie corporation based in India, whereas Pewdiepie is an individual content creator that gives entertainment to all of his subscribers. He is such a genuine person and what you see is what you get. He’s just a normal guy that enjoys making YouTube videos. You never hear about him spouting off how much money he makes or spending money left and right on items he doesn’t actually need. Pewdiepie is the rightful king to the Youtube thrown. Let’s do a quick recap of Pewdiepie’s history:


He started his channel back in 2006 and always had a love for video gaming. He even says, “Sweden has a great culture around gaming” and that Swedens are just naturally nerdy people. He even sold artwork in his grandmothers gallery to save enough money to buy a computer to continue his love for gaming.


Before he was Pewdiepie he had his original account that he started in 2006 but forgot his password so therefore created the channel we all know and love, Pewdiepie.


With both of his parent’s being very high up in their business careers, he was also expected to excel. Felix attended Chalmers university in Sweden but then decided to drop out since he had gained so many followers on his channel. Felix then worked at a Hot Dog Kiosk so he had the time to create content and give all his time towards his channel. He also began dating Marzia (Cutiepie), an Italian Beauty Blogger.


Reached his first 2 million subscribers and by the end of the year he signed with his first network!


Felix and Marzia decided to move to Brighton in the UK to be in between both Italy and Sweden. Brighton has also become a huge spot for Youtubers and Internet Sensations. He also became the most subscribed to Youtuber on August 15th.


Reaches 50 million subscribers!

Present day

The everyday struggles to keep up with T-Series and the fact that Pewdiepie is as calm as can be shows he deserves to keep the title. Yes, he has had a few hiccups down the road but nobody is perfect and the media tends to paint a bad picture of him. He even did a live stream for Cry Charity and raised $250,000 but no media covered that. One slip of the tongue and he becomes the worst person. Felix and Marzia still remain in Brighton with their two adorable pugs Edgar and Maya and recently became engaged on a trip to Japan, one of their favorite places to go.

So, as a wedding gift to Felix and Marzia, Subscribe to Pewdiepie & Marzia.

You might be wondering if this post was a joke or serious. I understand your confusion because why would a simple beauty/book/home decor blogger be writing such an interesting blog post? Its because Lee told me to haha. I actually do like Felix and Marzia though, and especially their two little pugs!

Check back soon for more interesting blog posts. Maybe this will be a new series for the blog.

“Things Lee Tells Me To Write About”


Pewdiepie’s YouTube Channel

Contact: Simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com

Click here for where I got some of my information on Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (It looks like I just started hitting random buttons but no…thats his name…never ask me to say it).


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