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What if I told you that at a young age of 23 you could own all high end furniture? I promise you its possible! I work hard for everything I own and I have the worst patients in the world but I’ll always wait for a good deal. It’ll come sooner or later. Most of the time its sooner. I work hard for everything I own and I want to be completely honest about everything in this post just to give you a good idea as to how you can live a higher lifestyle instead of waiting for someday.

First, I’d like to give a little background. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I’m an open book. Lee and I moved out a little over three years ago, the first two were in a small one bedroom apartment that was way over priced and we now live in an adorable 2 bedroom, 2 bath duplex in a small town that has really grown on me. Home decor is definitely my area of expertise, sorry Lee, so when it comes to furniture I didn’t want Lee to pay for anything. He never lets me pay when we go out and always treats me to bowling nights, movies, and basically everything fun we do so I wanted to build our collection for us. In just the past year I have completely redone our entire collection of furniture and home decor and I couldn’t be happier! I work a 40 hour job as an Apprentice Meat Cutter five days a week and I currently make $16.40 an hour but when I started building our collection a year ago I was only making $14.00 per hour. It makes me so happy that I’ve been able to do all of this on a smaller income because I really want to show people how easy it is to build such a beautiful collection of furniture that will last you a lifetime if you really want it. The key is determination.


I understand some people would rather spend money on travel and fancy vacations and going out all the time but you can still do that too. I swear! Lee and I may not take crazy romantic trips to Paris or jet off to the Caribbean but we will someday and thats a fact. We go out for a nice dinner together once a week, we’re simple people so going to our favorite local Old Town Pizza where everyone knows our name makes us happy. Did anyone catch that reference? Cheers? Gotta love 80’s TV. You can still do fun things and take vacations AND build a beautiful collection all at the same time. I did it so you can too! This is the beginning of a whole series I’m doing on my blog about home decor so lets start at the beginning, with a couch.


The store of choice, POTTERY BARN. Duh! If they aren’t your style don’t worry there are several other places you can use these tips. Most high end stores have a credit card that gets you rewards and they really do come in handy. All of my major furniture items are from Pottery Barn along with some little home decor pieces. 



One of the hardest things for me was finding “my style.” Everyone has different taste and your taste may change over time but thats why you want to buy classic pieces for your staple items that you don’t mind spending money on. When you find it you’ll know and I am convinced that it all starts with the couch you choose. Your couch is most likely going to be the most expensive piece of furniture you buy. I chose a gorgeous Burnished Saddle Turner Leather couch and the coloring will only get better with age and will match practically any decor style. I’ve discovered that I have a Antiquish Mid-Century Modern Style if that makes any sense at all haha. Take a quiz, Make a Mood Board, Examine your Pinterest or Instagram likes for Home Decor.


Like I said, majority of your high end furniture and home decor stores have a credit card that will get you rewards. Since I purchased all of my items from Pottery Barn this post will basically revolve around them but here are a few other options that have great credit card options, some the same or similar to the Pottery Barn credit card:

        • West Elm
        • William Sonoma Home
        • Crate & Barrel
        • Macy’s
        • Restoration Hardware ($100 Membership that saves 25% on EVERYTHING. Doesn’t fully apply to this savings process but still worth mentioning.)

Once you find which store suits you, apply for a credit card. If your limit isn’t high enough to make your first large purchase make a few small purchases such as pictures, lamps, and any other small pieces that you can pay off right away. If you have a good credit score they will bump you up much quicker. I didn’t say this process was quick and painless.


Start by creating a list of all the major furniture items you want, find the exact ones you want to purchase and then rearrange them in order from most expensive to least expensive. Don’t worry too much about the price at this point, if you love it enough you’ll buy it…but never at the retail price, patience is key!

        • Couch
        • Chesterfield Leather Chairs x2 
        • Coffee Table
        • Bar Stools x3
        • Bronson Bookcase


Make that first purchase, I know its difficult but you can do it! I promise it will all be worth it in the end. Definitely wait for a good sale though. When I purchased my couch I waited until I got 30% off plus double rewards, that way I got 20% back from what I spent. Just promise me you will make sure you absolutely love it. I always knew I wanted a leather couch, it goes with everything, it lasts forever, gets better with age, and it is oh so comfy for the tushy. Two Thumbs Up! If you prefer fabric no worries, you can always have it reupholstered if it wears down. Avoid trendy colors as well, going with something neutral that will go with everything is ideal.

I always make sure I have enough money to pay my bill in full if needed but I don’t expect you to pay it in full right away. When I purchased our couch it took me about 4 months to pay for it. Keep in mind that they do charge interest and that can add up quickly. 


Now, this is where the fun begins. Since you so patiently waited for Double Rewards you are now swimming in Pottery Barn Cash. They usually break them up in smaller increments so it may take a few billing cycles to accumulate all of them. I got back around $800 broken into smaller increments because when you use Pottery Barn Cash you have to spend the whole amount on the check at once because they have no way of giving you change. Don’t worry, it is very easy to spend it. Now you go to the next item on your list after you pay off the initial first purchase. I always like to start with a clean slate when I owe a large amount. Keep an eye on the expiration date of the rewards though.

It is absolutely worth it to wait it out and that’s where I have been able to save the most money. Even when it’s not double rewards you still get 10% back and for every $250 you spend they send you a $25 reward. 


I’m sure by now you can see where I’m going with this technique but it gets better! This is where patience comes in and it is the toughest one of all. While you are waiting to pay off your bill keep an eye on the in store sales. My mom and I go into Pottery Barn just to walk through every Friday night as our routine and its amazing what we find. I searched for months for a coffee table and I knew I wanted the Bartlett Round Coffee Table but could never get myself to spend  $1,200 on it. At this point I was almost done paying off my couch and had $250 in rewards. Pottery Barn had a floor sale with furniture 60% off and sure enough MY coffee table was there. It was in perfect condition, marked down from $1,200 to $480 and I had to take a leap! I used my reward cash and ended up only paying $230 for my gorgeous coffee table. Its probably my favorite piece of furniture next to my couch, knowing how much I saved.


I think thats enough for now on how to save big and getting started on your beautiful new collection. I can’t wait to see all of you rolling in the benefits and enjoying your new lifestyle. I would love to see pictures and hear your experience with growing your collection. I still get excited when new items are delivered to my door and I am head over heals excited when the Fall catalog comes out! More tips & tricks will be coming soon, just keep an eye out for all the Living High Street posts on my blog. See ya soon!


Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn – Leather Turner Sectional

Pottery Barn – Bartlett Coffee Table



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