Living High Street

Living a High Street Lifestyle, on a Low Street Income

It is finally here! I have been working on this new adventure for the blog for quite some time now. I am 23 years young and in the past year I have completely redone our entire house with new furniture and decor. It all started with a couch and then it just clicked! I am so excited to tell everyone my little tips and tricks and secrets to buying from High End brands such as Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and many more.

In life there are a lot of things I expect myself to do such as travel to London, France, Rome, see all the amazing artworks of the world and a million other things but at the end of the day I love being in my own comfortable home with the people I love. Having a comfortable home is huge to me, especially since I dream of working from home one day.


I will still be posting my usual randomness on my blog but I will be adding Living High Street as a new series that I hope you all love and will help you build your dream home! Some people say you should wait till you are in a permanent home until you start buying quality pieces but seriously….why wait? Why would you continue to spend your money on items that you’ll constantly be replacing because its just junk? Yeah your style might change a little here and there but thats why you focus on items that you can ALWAYS play around with by doing something as simple as changing out your pillow covers.

If you can spend a little time to save up your money to buy one big quality item then it will all just fall into place! Its really a lot more simple than you think. It took me two years to figure this out and I have looked back to cheap items ever since.


Sorry in advance for helping you spend a little cash but you’ll thank me later haha I promise this isn’t just a waste of time and money. I like to look at my gorgeous couch from Pottery Barn and think of it as a great investment that allowed me to own all my other pretty items in my home. I am a firm believer that once you find THE couch that everything else will fall into place.


Your homework for now is to browse for the perfect couch! If you already have one that you love then skip this and look for the next most expensive purchase you’d want to make. Good luck fellow decorators and please let me know if you have any questions at all! If you subscribe to my monthly email listing you’ll get even more tips and tricks on decorating for different occasions, major sales that are going on at the moment, and much more. I also started a little book of the month club where I tell you my favorite book this month and my email is always open for discussion if you have any comments about the book. See ya soon and keep an eye out for a major post coming up all about Pottery Barn.


Pottery Barn



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