Wisdom Teeth Removal & Eggos Story

I’m sure a lot of you are already cringing from reading the title. It’s true! I had my wisdom taken away from me on December 28th and I am here to tell you how that went down on that sunny December day. Lets start at the beginning shall we? The worst part…

I’v been meaning to post this for over a month now and completely forgot about it. Back on December 28th I got my wisdom teeth pulled and this is my story. After spending month of trying to get my wisdom teeth pulled it was finally time. I’ve actually never had to have braces and I am so thankful for that so when my wisdom teeth started to grow in I got a little nervous. A few years ago I had my molar pulled because their were several complications where the dentist filled a cavity, filling fell out, got a new filling, new filling broke my tooth in half, had a root canal, got crown put over molar, and then the crown broke…it was rough. Anyway, I figured that when the wisdom tooth came in that spot, it would just slide right in and take the place of my molar. Well, that didn’t happen so I just ignored it since it wasn’t touching any nearby teeth. Then my other wisdom tooth started to poke through, damn teeth are always against me! Thats when I realized I better get a move on it and get it done. A year and  half later I got them all pulled. Did I mention I don’t like the dentist? So therefore I WILL procrastinate when I need to get something done.

On Friday, December 28th I was working an early morning shift to get some deep cleaning done. I wasn’t allowed to eat 6-8 hours prior to my surgery and my surgery wasn’t until 1:30 so I woke up at 3 a.m. and ate an ENTIRE box of chocolate chip eggos. I figured it was a good balance of cards and protein, am I wrong? I figured that would hold me over to where I wouldn’t be growling at people out of hunger but I should have known that wouldn’t be the case. Oh No! I am definitely a snacker / five meals a day kind of person so I was already hungry again by 8 o’clock. Out of desperate hunger and bored sitting on my lunch not eating I decided to have a cough drop. It helped for all of 5 minutes and then I was hating life again.

I was surprised at myself for not being too panicky about the whole situation. I think I worried more about worrying than anything so I only took one of the nerve medication they gave me so I wouldn’t be freaking out right before the surgery began.

When I got in the room I already knew the surgeon who used to be a meat cutter so we just started talking shop and about how the holidays went and the last thing I remember telling him was,

Our Rib Roast was $5.97 per pound and our Prime Rib Roast was $12.99 per pound.

Then I was out cold!

If you know me then you will not be surprised at all by what came out of my mouth when they woke me up. The assistant asked me how I was feeling and I said,

I’m F*cking hungry!

and I then proceeded to ask,

Where I can get more of that stuff because that was the best nap I ever had!

Later on when I came to and realized what I had said I definitely had a palm to forehead moment. This does not surprise me at all though hahaha

I do have to give my boyfriend Lee some MAJOR kudos! He doesn’t have the best stomach for gross things and he was changing my gauze out for me every hour until the bleeding stopped and I mean he was holding it in his hand and making sure I stuffed the new ones right where they should be. He even set a timer every 30 minutes and placed ice packs on my face so I wouldn’t swell up.

My mom even came over later that night and brought me three different types of Cold Stone, GOTTA LOVE IT!!! I should eat Cold Stone more often, it really is the best(Hint, Hint, Let’s Collab Cold Stone Creamery). Actually, my mom is the best! GOTTA LOVE HER!!! The three of us just sat on the couch and watched Las Vegas Vacation and Blazing Saddles and ate our ice cream.

I think I was really lucky because I was never in any type of pain and only slight discomfort for a few days. I was mainly upset that I couldn’t eat a lot of foods such as anything crispy or chewy and definitely no rice which is something I eat always daily. I also could barely open my mouth for a few days because of the stitches so everyone told me to try eating baby food or squeezable apple juice pouches. Lets just say babies are eating garbage…

My main concern was getting dry socket so I had to be careful and not spit, which is hard when brushing your teeth, and no straws. Other than that I was healing great and within a few days the stitches dissolved and it has now been almost a month and the holes are almost closed. I still rinse them out every night to make sure food doesn’t get stuck and cause an infection but other than that it was probably a total of two weeks and I was good to go. Now I have to go back to the dentist for a routine cleaning, I’m not ready to go back already.

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed I hope this gives you some comfort in knowing that it isn’t always that bad, I think I have a decent pain tolerance but it still wasn’t that bad. My jaw was sore for about a week and I think the most pain was from the bruise where my IV was haha. I would love to know what other people said when they finally came out of the haze. Thanks for reading!



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6 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth Removal & Eggos Story”

  1. I’m TERRIFIED when it’s my time to get my wisdom teeth out. The sleeping gas is what’s freaking me out. The pain I think I’ll be able to take. I had a root canal and that wasn’t too bad. I am not looking forward to it, to say the least, and I have to get my chin popped out because it’s not supposed to be in?? This definitely made me feel better, but I’m still nervous.


    1. Oh my goodness dont be nervous! I am the biggest baby when it comes to the dentist and doctors but I was actually pretty calm on this one. I had never been put under before but you seriously dont even know what happened. I went out and it felt like I just took a quick little nap. I’ve had so many teeth problems with cavities and I had a root canal as well which sucked but this is way easier i promise. The bill is what hurt me the most haha I’m glad this helped you though. I’m hear to talk if you have any questions or concerns 💕💕💕

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      1. The bill is another thing I’m gonna have to worry about! I’m already stressing over braces 🙄🙄 as it gets closer I’ll be sure to reach out to you. When it was really close to your appointment were your teeth hurting? Did they shift all of your other teeth?


      2. No I was pretty lucky. My bottom 2 had almost completely came in straight with no pain but they kept going in and out so I wanted to get them pulled before they started touching my other teeth. Even though I procrastinated I made sure to get it done before any pain started. I also never had braces so I didn’t want any damage done to my teeth to where I would need them. Idk where you are from or your dental insurance but I live in California and after benefits I paid $740 for the entire procedure. That included the prescriptions for pain and nerves, the surgery for all 4 teeth, and the anesthesia.

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