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The birds are chirping, swimsuits have hit the shelves, and the sun is shining. This can only mean one thing, Spring and Summer are upon us once again. I must admit I’m not the most thrilled about this but what can I do but continue to dream of moving to a gloomy, rainy town on the East coast. Since the sun insists on shining I was definitely in need of some new sunglasses!

Usually I am the classic RayBan style sunglass lover but when The Sunglass Galleria contacted me I decided it was time for a change. I always wanted to be able to pull off some round sunglasses but I never thought I had the face for it. I just don’t care anymore because I LOVE them and I’m going to wear them no matter what!

A few weeks ago I got an email from The Sunglass Galleria and after browsing their website I was so excited to try out a new company. Not only did they allow me to try their product, but they also gave me a special discount count for all of you lovely followers!

Save 25%

with the code


After making what seemed like the most difficult decision I am so happy with the sunglasses I chose. Theres a few others I have my eye on such as the Florian and Tessa styles but the Drew is where it’s at! Even though their name is Sunglass Galleria they have so much more to offer. I found several tops that I fell in love with because of how simple the designs are and they even have swimsuits, jewelry, and handbags. I love brands that keep it simple and that is exactly what they do but at the same time still provide a good variety. For example, you can pick out a sunglass style you like and some have different color options for the frames and lenses. You could literally begin looking at the world through rose colored glasses if you wanted to.




I know I need to update with a picture of them on my face but my skin has not been loving me lately haha. You all know how I feel, you wake up and can just tell it’s going to be one of those days where your skin will just not cooperate. Luckily they also have sunglasses that will practically cover your whole face! I need a pair of those I think haha

Shoot me an email or DM on Instagram if you have any questions or if you bought a pair for yourself! I would love to know what everyone is treating themselves too and with the discount they are well worth it. I absolutely love mine! Have lovely day everyone.


Save 25%

with the code


The Sunglass Galleria




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