Bright Swimwear

Year after year I look at swimsuits when they start hitting the stores in January and I rarely find anything that looks decent on me. Last year I got lucky when I hit the sales racks at Target but thats about it for swimsuit shopping in the past 5 years. You guys know how much I love to support brands that give back to the world and Bright Swimwear is here to throw you a life raft!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding ways to help the world and it makes it so much easier when all you have to do is purchase items that you already need in life. A few weeks ago Bright Swimwear contacted me and offered me a small partnership and I am so excited to go on this little swim around the pond with them. The first thing I do when companies message me is do a little research and I was sold when I saw that 10% of every purchase goes to cleaning up the oceans.


Bright Swimwear is based in Stockholm, Sweden and are proud members of the 10% for the Planet Movement. Bright Swimwear proudly donates 10% of all proceeds to help clean up the oceans, seas, and beaches. It truly amazes me how much good can be done just by purchasing an item you will love and use for days and days on end during the summer weather.


They keep their styles simple and more classic so it never goes out of style. I opted for the Peach Stripe one-piece but I certainly have my eye on the Candy Stripe! (The pictures do not do the color justice though, it definitely has more pink tones rather than the straight up orange it showed in my photos) One thing I will say is be careful with white swimsuits, I definitely suggest shower testing before going out into public because although it is very nice quality one of the white stripes go right over my nerps and slightly shows a little too much for my comfort. I might just be crazy though haha I’m more of just a sun bather anyways, I’m not the biggest fan of the water. Plus if it really bothers me and I want to go in the water you can always buy those boob stickers if you feel self conscious and those are super cheap at Target, Asos, and Amazon.

Use the Code


for 15% your

Entire Order

It truly is a great fit for me and I love what they are doing on their website. They support all shapes of women and even use different size models to prove that. Body confidence is so important in this day and age and for a swimsuit company to use models with that confidence is a huge deal for all women. I genuinely hope that this company gives women a great confidence boost to be comfortable in your own skin. I even work with a girl who absolutely hates looking for swimsuits because she is not comfortable in her own skin and when I showed her the swimsuit models for this company she felt instant relief and is even looking into buying one for this summers crazy antics.


Pardon the fact that I don’t have any model photos but it is freezing cold right now and I am as pale as the white stripes hahaha. Keep an eye out for summer posts though! I would also like to mention that if 10 people use my discount code I will receive a free swimsuit and will be doing a giveaway to one lucky follower! Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram post if you find your dream suit! I would love to know which piece is your favorite and which one is going to give you the confidence of the year! Happy shopping lovely readers.


Bright Swimwear

Use the Code


for 15% your

Entire Order

*Disclaimer: I did receive a discount on the product to try it out and after three people use my discount code I will receive compensation as in a free swimsuit of my choice. All opinions are completely my own and honest.



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