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If you haven’t seen the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s then you are missing out big time! Audrey Hepburn is a classic beauty that plays an eccentric girl names Holly Golightly. I am obsessed with the movie and when I found out about the book I was so excited to read it. Now, this is one of those situations where I think it is better to watch the movie and THEN read the book.

Audrey Hepburn plays the character so well that you can’t even begin to imagine a better person to play the lovely Holly Golightly. While reading the book that the famous Truman Capote wrote, you can imagine every word being spoken by Audrey Hepburn in her simple and proper tone. I’ll admit I have never been a fan of the classic books such as To Kill a Mockingbird or The Great Gatsby. Even though most people know the film over the book on this one I would still consider the book to be a classic and the way it is written is absolutely beautiful.


For such a short book I will admit it took me a bit longer than I expected to read but I blame Holly Golightly and her wild life that she lives. It’s hard to keep up with her and who she is with on each page. It’s a jump from one man to the next and whoever else wants to pay for a trip to the powder room or for the weather report, unless you are the man upstairs. The man she calls “Fred,” because he reminds her of her brother who is off at war, has become somewhat of a companion to Holly. She never allows herself enough time to become close to anyone and even though she houses a cat and feeds him she feels as though she has no right to own him and give him a name so she just calls him Cat.


Truman Capote has the incredible ability to tell such a riveting story in so few pages that captivates its reader within just a few words on the first page. If you’d like to read it for yourself I’ll leave links down below to places you can purchases the book and I would love to know what your thoughts are and how it compares to the film.

I almost forgot to mention my new adventure on the blog! I have started an email list and once or twice a month I’ll be sending out emails for great home decor sales, book of the month, collaborations with companies and discounts for brands I work with, and some great recipes for you to try. I’ve always wanted a book club so I’m starting my own basically. I hope you all enjoy the emails and that they become useful to you in several different ways and I always love to receive feedback from my followers as to how you like the way things are going. See ya soon!



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