100th Blog Post

Even though it’s not that big of a deal and I probably should have hit 100 within my first year of doing this blog, it’s finally here! My 100th Blog Post is mainly about me reflecting on my past posts and what better time for that than January. Looking back I can see my high points and my low points and what kind of posts did better than others and which ones I wish I hadn’t uploaded since they aren’t up to my standards now.

I can see the points where you could tell I was loving what I was doing and the ones that looked like I didn’t want to be posting anything but felt the need to. I never want this to feel like a chore. I want this to someday, somehow become an extra income for me or even my own business someway and I never want it to feel like a job. If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Even though I always look forward to my Friday and my days off I still absolutely love being a meat cutter. On a very rare occasion do I ever dread going into work and if I get the chance to work from home I hope it feels as though I am spending my time doing something that feels more like a hobby that I could do day in and day out and be completely happy.

It’s true……this is my very first blog and I certainly hope that I am not the only one reading it. If you haven’t already seen my About page then head on over for a sneak peek as to who’s life you are about to get into. I have to admit I do not, I repeat do not, live a very exciting life but who knows, maybe this will change things for me and help me open up to the world. I have recently decided that I need to do more in my free time and focus on the bigger picture and what I want from life. I haven’t exactly been living my life to the fullest for the past 20 years of my life if you know what I mean. Not saying I’m about to go jump out of a plane to make my life more exciting but maybe I will start going out more in my free time rather than sit on my couch and watch I Love Lucy and Hart to Hart for hours at a time and on occasion do the typical window shopping that I know can’t be good for my health OR my wallet. I wonder what I will write about or how I will attract readers or how I will make this into a bill paying career. No matter which way I go I know I will enjoy making this blog my internet home.

This was from my VERY FIRST blog post. Only a few years ago I started writing on my Blog and I believe it started out as Ash’s to Ash’s….I felt as though it was a bit morbid sounding so it became Simply Ashley which I actually love. It’s nothing fancy but it explains me, SIMPLY ME.

My photos are something that I am still working on. When I started this blog Lee and I invested in a nice Canon camera that we absolutely love and it takes great pictures but after a few years, technology has advanced so much that quality of my phone camera is better than the Canon. Such a bummer. Now all I use is my Samsung Galaxy S8 and even that is seeming outdated already…I hate buying new phones and they are just so ridiculously expensive now. I remember back in middle school I saved up my money and bought myself the new sidekick from T-Mobile and that was the coolest phone at the time. It costed a whole $300 and that was a lot for a phone at the time. I remember my first phone was the Nokia (brick) and that was only $50 I think. I miss when things were simple haha.

Left: 2016 Right: 2019

My photos have changed immensely I feel like but still not quite as good as I’d like. I’m still working on my Flat Lays which are my number one thing I want to accomplish and I also want to be more open about myself and post more photos of me. I never want to show my face but when you review beauty products I feel like its necessary so I’ll work on that for sure. Check my Instagram! I’ve already posted two selfies this year. It’s a New Year miracle.

This year has already started off wonderful! I’m working with a few brands on becoming an ambassador so I can get all of you lovely people some great discounts on products you’ll love. I can’t wait to see what else comes our way this year! Love you all.



Contact: Simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com


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