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What time is it? Time for you to get a new watch! How about the classic Aubrey? Or maybe even the simplistic Brookvale? Buying a beautiful time piece is not only a gift to you or a loved one but also to a child who needs your help. Quality, Elegance and Class is all Elon Novac offers to their customers and for every 100 watches sold, Elon Novac will provide a child in a developing nation with a quality education.

“Time Offers Freedom”

                     -Elon Novac




I am so excited to finally share my review with you on the Elon Novac Watches. I ordered mine about a month ago and when it finally arrived I couldn’t wait to put it on. I went for the Brookvale with the white facing and Rose Gold accents as you can see and it is BEAUT! The straps are made of genuine leather to ensure a long life for your watch and a sturdy band. In the beginning of November Elon Novac contacted me and asked if I would like to partner with them. After browsing their site and seeing all the beautiful watches they have to offer and how wonderful their company is about giving back to the children I couldn’t say no. They allowed me to purchase a watch at a discounted price and also gave me a code for all of your guys out there to save 20%!!! The best part is my code never expires and you can continue to purchase your watch necessities at a lower price for as long as you want.



Save 20%

After trying the watch on and wearing it around I actually found it rather comfortable unlike watches I have tried on in the past and it is very light weight. You can tell this watch will only get better with age, leather is like fine wine, it gets better with age. I went with the black band because it can literally go with any outfit and for those of you who would like to wear it at work you’ll be happy to know the watches are water resistant 3 ATM. Not water proof but it can handle a small splash here and there so for you folks in the rainy cities don’t worry! Elon Novac has got your back.


The best part about this company and the whole reason I decided to go forward with this partnership is how they want to give back and help children in developing countries;

“For every hundred watches sold, Elon Novac pledges to sponsor one child in a developing nation. A good quality education helps children reach their full potential; however, for millions of children and youth in low-income countries, it is beyond reach.”

Being able to purchase an item you will absolutely fall in love with, PLUS help a child that needs your help is something special. I’m certainly not someone who has a lot of money and I don’t have a lot to give to charities but when I can do my part I can. It may be something small but it still counts. I’ve adapted to buying from brands that help people in need and it doesn’t cost anymore than it would if I bought from a brand that didn’t donate to charities. I could easily go out and find a watch with the same exact quality as these and not a penny would go to help someone that needs it but thanks to Elon Novac you can make your purchase and feel good about it. Not just because you’ve just purchased an item for yourself or someone you love, but because you made a purchase that also makes a difference.

So what timepiece suits you best? Are you a lover of the classics? Would you prefer a pink band? They have quite a few classy options to choose from and now you can purchase a gorgeous timepiece of your choice along with a Rose Gold Elsa band with the beautiful quote “Time Offers Freedom.” I would love to see pictures of your purchases and I can’t wait to hear what you all think. See you soon lovely people!


Elon Novac

Elon Novac – Brookvale



Save 20%

*Disclaimer: I do receive compensation when the code “simplyashley” is used but these are my honest opinions on the products I have used. If you have any questions about the product or the company please feel free to contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.

Contact: Simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com


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