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I finally did it! I gave Pixi Beauty a shot and I am so happy I did! A few weeks ago I entered in a giveaway on Instagram, never expected anything of it, and I won. I couldn’t believe it honestly but I am so happy I did. I received three mini bottles of Skintreats Glow Tonic, Pixi + Weylie Hoang Eyeshadow Palette along with the Black Liner Duo pen and they did not disappoint.

Who knew an eyeshadow called Potato would become my new favorite shade? I do love potatoes haha I combined the shade Potato, Gurl!, and Bomb to create the prettiest eyeshadow combo that is now my new favorite look! I have NEVER been good at putting eyeliner on but I attempted to use the Kohl Liner end of the duo pen and of course I ruined it but not to worry! I smudged some more Gurl! on top of the eyeliner and it completed my look. I wish I could perfect my eyeliner form but at least smudging it with eyeshadow looks decent right? Please tell me thats not just me that thinks that…this could be awkward now. Oh well, It’s 2019 and I do what I want!!!


In the past I’ve used the Rose Fix It Spray and that stuff works great, which is why I was so excited to receive some of their glow tonic. I always use a toner in my daily face regimen and even just the smell of this one spiked my curiosity. I love when my skin has that fresh smell when I go to bed and this leaves such a nice refreshing scent of pure cleanliness.


The eyeshadows go on so smoothly and they aren’t overly pigmented which I love because so many eyeshadows transfer so easily and then I end up with this dark blob on my eyelid that I have to spend time blending. I don’t use an eyeshadow primer ever, just my concealer and my eyeshadow stayed put all day long. I find some eyeshadows tend to flake off a little sometimes and they end up leaving specks under my eyes. Even the shimmer stayed put and was glimmering all day.


I can already tell Itty Bitty will be next favorite, I love a good shimmery eyeshadow. You’ll probably find me looking at the Pixi section in Target next time I’m there and who knows what I’ll end up trying. I was browsing online and they actually have quite a nice selection. I’ll leave links down below for you to check out the brand for yourself.


Pixi Beauty


Contact: Simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com


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