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12 Days of Blogmas

Isn’t this the best time of year to curl up on the couch and read a good book? I absolutely love the cold weather, I can’t wait until one day I’ll have a house with a nice window seat so I can watch the rain pouring outside the window and cozy up with my books. This Christmas I am supporting some of my new favorite up and coming authors who’s books you should buy for that special bookworm in your life!

I always love supporting small businesses, I wish we still had little mom and pop butcher, floral, deli, and bakery shops. I know grocery stores are convenient but you don’t get that same experience as you would in a small business. Therefore I wanted to seek out some new rising authors on my Instagram and help boost their new page turners! I’ll leave links down below for purchasing each copy.

Karen Stanley

“The One Legged Lady From Balmoral Road”

Karen has jumped right into the Chick Lit world as a pass time while she’s not teaching or styling one of her favorite clients hair. The One Legged Lady From Balmoral Road was a quick read to give people just a taste of what Stanley is capable of. Stanley also wrote another Chick Lit novel called the Tattoo Bloke Next Door which I have already purchased and added to my kindle library and I can’t wait to give it a read

The life of an average mobile hairdresser is not as average as you may think. Wasting time with a man who ends up having a ring on his finger, dealing with an overly spontaneous mom that flies across the sea to save the donkeys, and a best friend that every girl needs during life’s great adventures. Creating that horrifying list of all the “You Can’t Make This Up” moments that come along the way is just the tip of the iceberg. Following Kaz from house to house as she styles her way through her hometown can bring up more crazy stories than anyone can imagine.

It makes me wonder if she really can’t make this stuff up? Throughout the entire book it makes you ponder who Karen Stanley might really be and don’t even get me started on that missing leg.


Sarah Louise Smith

“Izzy’s Cold Feet”

Izzy’s Cold Feet is one of my new favorite books and belongs on the bookshelves at your local bookstore. Smith has written a handful of Chick Lit novels that I will now be purchasing for my kindle as soon as I am done writing this blog post. Izzy’s Cold Feet is a book that reassures you that cold feet before your wedding is completely normal. What if? What if? What if?

Ewan, Jason, Dexter, or Greg? Such a difficult decision. Should Izzy even be pondering this question a week before her wedding to Greg? Or should she break it off and run back to adventurous Ewan or even work her way back into the life of Jason the amazing MasterChef? Let’s not forget the mysterious man on the beach. It’s now 6 days before her wedding to Greg, who by the way seems to be a swell guy that all the ladies will happily walk down the isle for if Izzy doesn’t. Its just cold feet her friends say, but what if she doesn’t love Greg as much as he loves her or maybe life could be better with one of her past loves. Will Izzy ever figure out what she wants?? Will she ever find her beloved sister Helen? So many unanswered questions and Greg still has no idea what is going through Izzy’s brain as he enjoys his Bachelor party with his buds. If only Izzy hadn’t gone to the bar that night and seen those handsome men from her past. What ever will she do now?

20181203_111341 2 2

C. M. Allen

“Escaping To Love (Black Spade Series)”

This is one of the best series of books I have ever read. You get Romance, you get Action, you get Sarcastic Humor! C. M. Allen is still fairly new at the writing game but you would never know seeing that she has made her mark in just a short period of time. Spending hours doing research and reading pages over and over again until she gets it right.

When you live a life of terror and everything seems like a nightmare, all you can do is hope for the perfect moment to runaway. Sometimes there never is a perfect moment though, just when you think you’re in the clear things can get dark pretty fast. Evangeline finds herself in the quaint town of Shelby, Montana after her big escape and ends up in the eyes of town Sheriff, Tanner Coleman. Tanner becomes the only person that makes her feel safe but can he protect her from the past and everything she ran away from?

Once you read one you’ll want to read them all. Each one is better than the last and this author hasn’t slowed down yet!


Buying books for people can be hard but this way you can at least support our up and coming authors and it will help you fill that stocking for the bookworm in your family. You can find all of these authors on Amazon Kindle and you are also able to purchase paperback copies of all three books on Amazon as well.

If you would like to read more on these amazing books, I will link all of them below. All of these lovely women deserve to be recognized for they creative talents and I hope you can all see that as well. Happy Blogmas everyone!


Karen Stanley

Sarah Louise Smith

C. M. Allen

*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I do not receive compensation other than the authors providing me with these books to read to help promote their creative talents.


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