Holiday Outfits Under $100|Blogmas

12 Days of Blogmas

Todays post is going to be a little different but that is A-okay! I wanted to put together a list of clothing and outfit options for this holiday season whether it is for a party or just a friends get together, you name it! Basically an easy way for you all to find something cute to wear for this holiday season under $100 and really show off your Christmas Spirit.

So the first thing I did was go to ASOS, duh. When it comes to holiday specific clothing I wouldn’t want to spend a ton of money on an item especially when you might only be wearing it once. The theme seems to be all about shimmer! Sequins everywhere but don’t worry, for all you non-sequin fans I’ve got something for you too. The first one is so pretty that I wish I had a reason to wear it, Lee and I aren’t the party type and we never go to anything that is well, “Sequin acceptable” I guess. I’ll make sure to leave links down below in order for each item as well.

I am dying to dress up now haha I’ve never been a sequins fan but I might start being one very soon.

Next place I went hunting was Nordstroms. Now I know they can be pricey but I actually found some good options and if you are a Nordstroms Credit Card holder then you get all the rewards from your purchases so thats a win!

All great pieces to go with your Holiday look and majority are under $50! I absolutely love both companies as well because you can order all the items on this list and decide when they arrive to your house and returns are super easy. Especially with ASOS because if you order $120 or more you get free 2 day shipping and they send you the return label with the items you ordered and you can send what you don’t want right back in the bag it arrived in. Super easy and convenient for everyone! I better finish up here because I want to check out on ASOS and get my sequin dress, that I’ll probably never get to wear even though I love it.

I hope this helped some of you with planning your outfits for your up and coming Christmas Parties! I’ll also be posting a simple Holiday makeup look in a few days so keep your eyes peeled because it may just go with that perfect outfit you are about to purchase. Happy Holidays and I’ll see you tomorrow for another Blogmas post!


Asos – New Look Stripe Sequin Mini Dress High Neck

Asos – Pretty Little Thing Glitter Open Back Mini Dress

Asos – Missguided Ribbed Velvet Mini Dress

Asos – New Look Long Sleeve Sequin Bodycon Dress

Asos – Pleated Velvet Bardot Midi Dress

Asos – Pretty Little Thing Sequin Open Back Dress

Asos – Velvet Wrap Bandeau Midi Dress

Asos – Structured Bandeau Midi Dress

Nordstrom – Burgundy Sequin Midi Skirt

Nordstrom – Green Sequin Mini Skirt

Nordstrom – Topshop Sequin Camisole Green

Nordstrom – Topshop Sequin Camisole Pink

Nordstrom – Topshop Glitter Spot Mesh Top

Nordstrom – Topshop Front Knot Velvet Bodysuit



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