Holiday Decor|Blogmas

12 Days of Blogmas

Trees, lights, and ornaments OH MY! Its a whole new ball game in a house! Although I haven’t done as much decorating as I would have liked, my funds went elsewhere on a beautiful new addition to our home which you will soon be seeing. Being able to decorate not only one mantle but two has certainly been fun and not to mention, two trees!

Trees, trees, trees! Every year I get so excited to decorate for Christmas that its extremely hard to wait until after Thanksgiving. I didn’t even wait 24 hours after Thanksgiving haha Rain or shine I was determined to get my tree that day! Finding that perfect tree is the most important part of Christmas and with high ceilings, you bet your bottom dollar I was going to find a taller tree. Every year growing up my mom and I always had a Christmas tree, putting the damn tree in the stand is actually the one time a year my mom and I might snap at each other because of how big of a pain it is to get that tree standing tall and straight. Since I moved out 3 years ago now, wow time flies, my mom and I now pick out the perfect tree for Lee and I’s home. Since we added our little Ginger girl to the family I thought she should have her own so in our bedroom we have a little 4 foot tree with ornaments to match her fur color. Am I crazy? Nahhhh.


Lets talk about those fireplace mantles though! I love me a fireplace whether it works or not. Just having it there fills the room with cozy vibes instantly and adding new decorations to the mantle I made has been so much fun. I never made a blog post about my DIY mantle did I? Coming Soon! 


The stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be there. Counting down til December 25th another great part about Christmas, daily chocolates! This year I have one with my mom, one at home, and one at work. I was so happy when I was able to find Lee a Beer advent calendar this year, it’s called The 12 Days of Brews. 


I even managed to hang some string lights above our garage and join in on all the holiday fun along with my neighbors. My lights are NOTHING compared to the other houses on our street but at least it’s an effort right? One day I’ll have a bigger house, the dream house made of brick, and I’ll have dreamy twinkle lights draped all over! It’ll be like Christmas Vacation where he turns so many lights on that the entire city loses power. 



Lets stop the chit chat, we all know its the photos people come for haha. I hope you all enjoyed decorating your own homes for this holiday season. How early did you put your tree up? I could probably have mine up all year if a cut down tree would last that long. See you tomorrow for another day of Blogmas!





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