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Missing sister, Ewan, Heartbreak, Jason, Car Accident, Heartbreak, Dexter, Heartbreak Again, Greg, & then what? It’s one week before the wedding day and the past walks right into that bar and back into Izzy’s life. Izzy certainly goes through quite the timeline in her life thats for sure. This amazing thrill ride of emotions is brought to you by none other than England’s own Sarah Louise Smith.

Recently I decided to reach out to smaller authors to try and help promote their creativity and to show the book lovers of the world what they are missing out on. I fell in love with Smith’s writing and I know she will do great things in her future of writing. Izzy’s Cold Feet is Smith’s fifth book which leaves me with four more books to read! This book was a shining star and I can genuinely see it sitting on the shelf of any book store I walk into. I’m one of those people who love having the physical book so you will probably find me purchasing a hard copy of this book along with my kindle version she kindly sent me to read. 

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Lets talk Izzy! Izzy is beautiful, young, and definitely full of a lot of love. If every woman had as many ‘love at first site’ moment then the whole world would probably be bipolar. Izzy is certainly a passionate woman and when she falls in love she falls hard. Lets start at the beginning…

At a young age Izzy found out what heartbreak was. She had an older sister named Helen whom she always looked up to, always enjoyed spending time with, and she always knew she could count on her. Everyday they would walk him from school except for that one fateful day when Helen never came home. After that, no one was the same. Izzy and her parents spent years and years searching for Helen or at least some form of evidence of why she went missing. Nothing ever showed up and the family never got the closure they deserved.

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Years passed by and Izzy found herself working a dream job as a Personal Assistant and living in her boss’s mansion, whom is never home more than once a month. When she’s not organizing Sian’s life you can find her falling in love with a wanderer, a mysterious kiss on the beach, a master chef, and the man she will be walking down the isle with in less than a week, Greg.

Izzy life is a mystery because you never know what she is going to do. Her best friends say its cold feet but I’m starting to think this is much more. In this fantastic whirlwind of emotions, you can live the many lives of Izzy and who knows where life will take her next.

This was certainly a pleasure to read, I could hardly put it down! I will leave a link down below for you to purchase Izzy’s Cold Feet if you’d like and please comment down below what you think if you enjoyed the book. Should we start a blogger book club? Book reviews are certainly becoming a regular post lately haha It must be this cold weather thats making me want to read more and more lately. Also keep an eye out because this book and a few others will be mentioned in an upcoming Booklovers Stocking Stuffer post for my 12 days of Blogmas. See ya very soon Lovely Readers!

Let me know if you have any book recommendations you would like me to review as well.


Izzy’s Cold Feet

*Disclaimer: I do not receive compensation when you order this book through the link above. All opinions are my own and completely honest.*

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