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I never liked titles to begin with so obviously Brandless was the way to go! I stumbled across an ad for Brandless while scrolling through Instagram and it really caught my eye. The clean look of the packaging, the simplicity, and the fact that EVERYTHING on their site is literally $3.

I know what you’re thinking, “what’s the catch?” After doing further research about Brandless I found multiple reasons to buy from them and thats what I did. I opted for a few of their products just to put to the test and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Since I had never tried their products before I started with some basics:

✓ Mint Foot Cream

✓ Aloe & Green Tea Lotion

✓ Aloe & Green Tea Shave Gel

✓ Aloe & Green Tea Shower Gel

I can report they all lived up to expectation and better! The Foot Cream is amazing and I love the smell of the mint and eucalyptus. When you use the foot cream they suggest wearing cotton socks over night to allow the moisture to really soak in and I can’t believe how soft my feet feel already. Since I am constantly running around on my feet all day they tend to get really dry so I will definitely be making this purchase again.


The Shaving Gel and Shower Gel were also very moisturizing, a lot of times if I use products with a scent it tends to dry out my skin which is why I went for the Aloe & Green Tea scent. It isn’t the most exciting smell but at least it’s a clean smell. I was expecting the Shave Gel to foam up a little bit more but it still did the trick. I haven’t used a shaving gel in years and this might actually make me use it more often. The Shower Gel however definitely creates a lot of suds and bubbles!

Last but certainly not least comes the lotion. Unfortunately I have very sensitive skin and I always have to be careful when using lotion otherwise it will instantly dry me out. I used this lotion all over my legs, arms, and hands and not a single dry patch! I am usually stuck spending $10 or more on lotion and now I can spend $3 on a larger tube that won’t suck all the moisture out of my skin! Woo Hoo

As for all of the wonderful things I found when researching the company, I can see why my skin did not get irritated and why this company is thriving:

✓ No Parabens

✓ No Animal Testing

✓ No Polypropylene

✓ No Phthalates

✓ No Sulfates

✓ They Banned Over 400 Harmful Ingredients

✓ Partners with Feeding America

-With Every Purchase, Brandless Donates a Meal to Someone Facing Hunger

✓ Everything is $3

✓ There are a ton of other things but I’ll leave a link below for you to shop their site.

It is absolutely amazing to me how much they do to help people. I am all for companies that give back to the world because even though I don’t have the money to donate a ton to charity, I can still make an everyday purchase and know that I am helping someone in need just buy purchasing items that I need. Plus, I save money as I do so by shopping with Brandless.

Right now I have my eye on all of the office supplies, you can never have too many pens and notebooks. I’ll leave the link to their site down below so you can all check them out! It really is a great company and they are doing great things. You know how I talked about with every purchase a meal is donated? Well, since July 11th, 2017 they have donated over 1,500,000 meals to Feeding America. Talk about making America great again! Brandless is doing it one meal at a time.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you can find something for yourselves on Brandless. See ya soon!



*This was not a sponsored post, all opinions are mine & I did not receive any compensation to write this review.

Contact: simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com


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