Bobbi Brown Bronzer & Highlighter|Positive Vibe Reviews

I have always loved Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and growing up it’s what my mom always used so of course I wanted to be just like mommy! I have recently been trying to find more staple items for my makeup collection and upgrading older products that may not have been the best to newer items and oh boy! I found some goodies during my search.

So ever since I started even wearing bronzer I ALWAYS use the Laura Mercier Ritual bronzer which I absolutely love and is certainly a staple item in my makeup drawer for the rest of my life probably, but I wanted something a bit more simple and not as flashy. I went straight to Bobbi Brown of course and I didn’t even have to look any further. I always feel good about wearing their products because I know its a great quality you are receiving and is better for your skin in the long run. My mom always says…

“Always spend a little more on your hair and face products.”

I live by that and it is so true. I’ve seen girls just absolutely destroy their hair by using cheap dye or not taking care of their face at all by not washing every morning and night or going to bed with makeup on. I would be too scared of staining my pillow case if I fell asleep with makeup on.

Anyways back to Bobbi Brown. I found the perfect shade of a matte powder bronzer and it goes on so smooth and looks a lot more natural for those days where I don’t want to wear a ton of makeup but still try a little. I went for the shade Natural and I like to use my trusty Bare Minerals Angled Powder Brush to give it a soft look to my cheeks. I have fair skin but with an olive tone so this is the perfect shade for my skin type and it is also very easy to build if you want more of a dramatic look.

The other item I was searching for was a new highlighter. The first and only other highlighter I ever purchased was the Tarte Skin Twinkle and I really liked it but in the end I decided it was too much for an everyday highlighter. Beautiful shades come in the pallet but it was just too over the top shimmery unless it was for a night out. Bobbi Brown came to the rescue again though and I found the Pink Glow Highlighting Powder. I tend to use the Sephora fan brush for my highlighters. This way, I have full control over the fan brush and it just lightly dusts the highlighter over my cheek bones. It also makes it very easy to brush down my nose if I want more glow to my skin.

This Highlighter is a perfect match for a simple bronzer though because it gives a soft pink dewiness to your face which looks great for a natural look or a going out look. Again, these products are so easy to build upon so you can go from day to night in just a few simple swipes. I tend to brush this mainly on my cheekbones above my bronzer and if I’m feeling for of dewy look I’ll just brush the excess powder on my brush across my forehead and down my nose and chin.

I apologize for the imperfect looking makeup by the way, I couldn’t wait to use it and I had no patients to wait until after I took photos for my review haha. I would love to know what makeup items you guys suggest I try next or any tips. Talk soon Lovely Readers!


Bobbi Brown – Pink Glow Highlighter

Bobbi Brown – Natural Bronzing Powder

Laura Mercier – Ritual Baked Blush Bronzer

*When I went to get the link for the Ritual Bronzer I freaked out with excitement because my Instagram photo of it was posted on their website!!! Sorry for being a dweeb.

Tarte – Skin Twinkle



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