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Money, money, money…..something we all wish we had more of. When I first moved out I was so worried about spending money on home decor because I had to make sure I had plenty for rent and groceries and all of those other fun bills that come along with adulthood. Things are going to get better very soon! I recently came into contact with this lovely new company called Home Decor Collections on Shopify. They are here to the rescue for people looking for inexpensive home decor, which now a days is very hard to find.

I would like to thank Eamon & Samantha, the Co-Founders of this company for allowing me to work with them and help them announce their new company. They are still in the process of adding to their site so check back often to see newly added items. Eamon & Samantha are a lovely little couple who have an obsession with Home Decor and enjoy spending their time finding the perfect pieces to add to their home. They share a passion for helping people find inexpensive Home Decor and to help you create a home instead of just another roof over your head.


For all of you young ones who just moved out on your own or with your significant other, don’t worry, it gets easier I promise. Home Decor Collections is here to make it easier for you to have a stylish home by just adding a few bits and pieces. At the moment they have a variety of pillow covers, kitchen gadgets, fall decor, wall art, and much more.  I personally just put in an order for the colorful geometric pillow cover and I am so excited to get it in the mail! I wanted one like this a while back but didn’t want to spend the money for a pillow cover but you can’t beat the $8 I spent on the one this company has available. To top off their already great deals, for the month of September you get free shipping on all orders and by using the code SIMPLYASHLEYS you will also receive 20% off your entire order until September 30th.

Happy shopping readers and I would love to here about your findings! I wish Eamon & Samantha all the best of luck in their newest journey together and thank you again for allowing me to help announce Home Decor Collections. I’ll see all you lovely readers very soon!


Home Decor Collections – Shopify

*Use Code SIMPLYASHLEYS For 20% Off Until September 30th*


Contact: Simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com

Disclaimer: All opinions on this company are my own and I did not receive any compensation for writing this post other than a discount code for my readers to use.


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