Swimsuit Haul

I’m not that big on swimming to be honest but I always love a good swimsuit just in case I need one. In the past I always struggled to find anything I really liked and I usually ended up with only one that I would spend way too much on. I finally found some winners and here they are and all of them were at a decent price!

Every year I usually get upset when all the swim suits come out because I never feel like they fit me right. Either my boobs are spilling out or being pushed back into my chest completely or the slightest move causes the entire top to open up and says hello world look here….not a good time for me by the pool. I definitely feel comfortable and confident in my own skin BUT I swear, swimsuits are meant for either really big boob or no boobs at all. It’s always been a struggle for me.

Luckily I hit the jackpot this year! I’m not huge on swimming but since we are taking a trip to Mexico this year I really wanted to find a few good ones to take along. Target was a winner for me especially with tops. If I can find two solid bottoms then I can easily mix and match so I found the super cute black cut out high waisted bottoms, the tropical print top, the black & white striped top, and the orange floral print top. It was quite an embarrassing scene when I tried on the tropical and floral top because the straps twist in the back and I could figure it out and one arm went through one strap and it was a whole ordeal but don’t worry! I got it now! I’m a big girl and I can dress myself!


Peach is one of my favorite colors and even though they don’t really match anything exactly I really liked the peach cut out bottoms and for me personally I prefer the high waisted bottoms because they seem to stay up better and there is a much less chance of losing them if doing some kind of water activity like tubing or wake boarding. I actually got those and the one piece green swimsuit from CupShe last year at a super good price. The one piece is certainly one of those items you buy on a brave moment and hope for the best haha I never thought I would like it because it has such a deep v-neck with mesh but it actually fits me well. I’ll admit that on the back it has these straps that go across and one went across the top but it would never lay flat so I just cut it off and now its perfect.


Last but by no means least I picked up this leopard print gem off of a great little website called Asos! Who doesn’t love a good Asos shop? Another brave moment where I thought, “There is no way in hell this will work on me but here goes nothing!” And I love it! One-pieces that I genuinely love are tough to find but I will actually be wearing these when I sit on the beach this October.


This is probably the smallest swimsuit haul ever but the fact that I found this many items that I actually ;like is amazing for me. This never happens! I’ll leave links down below for the items I can still find and I will see you very soon! Bye lovely people.


Leopard One-Piece *Similar

Black Cut Out High Waisted Bottoms

Tropical Print Top

Orange Floral Print Top

Contact: Simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com


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