Jane the Virgin Rant *Spoiler Alert*

I HAVE TO GET SOME THINGS OFF MY CHEST! Just so you know there will be some spoilers, this is a rant about season 3 and season 4. So much has happened and I don’t know how I feel about certain things and there’s other things I feel very strongly about and AHHHHHH so much to rant about!

Lets get straight to the point in Season 3 that just absolutely shattered my heart! Why did Michael have to go??? I had just gotten adjusted to him . I was definitely team Rafael for longest time but then Jane and Michael reconnected and they got married and they turned into such a beautiful couple and then BAM michael dies…..

I guess this is what happens when you get hooked on a telenovela.

So Michael “leaves” and then it skips 3 years later and then Jane is finally moving forward after Michael “leaving” and Rafael steps in and falls madly in love with Jane again and Jane starts to fall in love with Rafael again even though she has been down this path before and it ALWAYS ends in destruction! Can we also agree that Luisa is getting really annoying with being sober, being an alcoholic, being sober again, becoming an alcoholic again, and then takes off to work in a small town inn to get away from everything and gives all of Rafael’s chance of going back to his normal life away???? I know money doesn’t mean happiness but he could have gone back to helping Jane and Mateo and they were falling in love again so he could have finally given Jane a chance to have zero financial problems and then Luisa just had to go screw that all up! Of course she did because its a freaking telenovela!!!!

*take a moment to breathe and calm before continuing…it gets a little rough*

We can’t forget about Sin freaking Rostro…..she never leaves this story of turmoil even when she is behind bars with extreme security. She has a secret that she has to tell Rafael that will change everything that ever freaking happened. At this point everything between Rafael and Jane are going well and then BAM! Rafael finally goes to Rose so she can tell him what she has found out and then everything comes tumbling down. Mind you that I have gone back and forth with liking and disliking Rafael and I was just starting to like him again and I was finally getting over what had happened to Michael and then freaking Rose tells Rafael that Michael is still alive!?!? How can this be??? He died!!! Of course this wasn’t known to the viewers until the very last 5 seconds of the season finale and I now have to wait till season 5 is on Netflix but it looks to be that Michael is alive and Rafael was getting ready to propose to Jane and then takes a turn for the worst because he knows she’ll want Michael back and who can blame her? It’s her husband and one true love! All I can wonder now is, is it actually Michael? Is it Rose in disguise again? Is it some other villainous person in disguise? Did Michael leave to help solve a case? Was it to help capture Rose? Will Jane take him back if it really is Michael??? So many unanswered questions will be racking my brain until season 5 comes out.

So I apologize if you made it all the way through this rant session and none of this made sense or causes you to question everything differently. I’m just still in shock as to what has happened in the last two seasons and I just don’t know what to do….

Please comment down below if you have any theories of your own. I’m not sure I know what I’m talking about anymore or what I want to be the reason for Michael “dying”. Allow this blog post to be the Jane the Virgin Ranting space of the internet haha I’ll be looking forward to see what you guys think!



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