Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Is it weird to be obsessed over a cleaning product? Nahhhh. If you haven’t sniffed the wonderful scents of Mrs. Meyers then your home is definitely missing out on the most vibrant scents. From Radishes to Honeysuckle this brand catches all those scents that will leave your home smelling deliciously fresh.

*Before I get too deep into this, this is NOT an ad! These are my sincere and honest opinions on this product.*

As I was saying, they have some amazing scent options and you’d never think that basil would smell so amazing as dish soap or dryer sheets but IT TOTALLY DOES. I actually end up sniffing all my clothes when I pull them out of the laundry because they smell so good. However, no I do not sniff my dishes after I wash them. That would just be strange even for me.


Whenever I get something new I always want to use it right away! When it comes to Mrs. Meyers cleaning products I’m actually excited to clean with them as weird as that may sound. I’ve recently gotten their All-Purpose cleaner and it is amazing and the scent lingers and makes your home smell so fresh. For the All-Purpose cleaner I went with the Honeysuckle scent which I also have as my fabric softener and I just love this scent. Can Mrs. Meyers start making candles??? I actually can’t believe I didn’t know this but I just looked at the Mrs. Meyers website and they DO have candles!! I need these in my life like yesterday and not to mention the body products!? I have never seen these before and it makes me sad that I don’t know where to find them. I’m sure they are just as amazing as everything else. They even have a glass soap dispenser you can buy to refill….I need all of it. Not to mention I would love to know what the Parsley and Mint scents are like. Everything else they’ve done smells amazing including the Radishes, which is a scent I definitely didn’t expect to like.

I need to stop looking because now I see that they have a scent called Mum???? What is that like? I love that they avoid harsh chemicals too because personally my skin is so sensitive and when I clean it just drains all the moisture from my hands. With Mrs. Meyers it doesn’t do any harm or cause my skin to start itching which makes it a lot easier on me. It’s tough having eczema on your hands because you use your hands for everything and you have avoid harsh chemicals and soaps because you’ll instantly regret it. I can’t even use scented lotion but shockingly Mrs. Meyers soap hasn’t affected my hands at all.

I hope a lot of you go out and buy yourselves a bottle of Mrs. Meyers now haha It really is wonderful and they have such nice scents that make your home smell like a fresh garden and who wouldn’t want that? Have a lovely day readers! I’ll talk to you soon.






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