The Minimalist Dream

I wish I could live a minimalist lifestyle. I almost think that I could but at the same time I have way too many books. I’m looking around my home and I honestly don’t have much that is storage but then I look in my kitchen and I can’t bare to part with all my spices and coffee mugs. There is one thing that I want in my life that will be my minimalist dream and that is a Tiny House.

One day when I was scrolling through Pinterest I found this amazing Tiny House and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and I instantly fell in love. Ideally I wish I had the skills to buy a cheap model and revamp it on my own but there is no way I could do electrical, solar installation, OR plumbing. I continued my search and came across this amazing company where you can design your Tiny Home online and get a rough estimate and they will build it for you (I’ll leave a link at the bottom if you want to check them out).

Seriously though, how nice would it be to have one of these Tiny Homes just ready to go whenever you wanted to take off for the weekend or to travel across the country and not have to pay for a hotel or even to eat out overtime you got hungry. You have your own kitchen inside of these homes and they are powered by solar panels! It’s such a dreams right??? I have so many ideas going through my head for when I can get my own but the only problem is I don’t have room to park it for the time being when I’m not using it. Speaking of traveling with it, do any of you know what kind of horse power would be needed to tow one of these? I haven’t quite worked out all the details on that.



*None of the images used in this post belong to me & were just taken off of Google to give an idea as to what I am writing about.*

Is it sad that even though I have no where to put it at the moment I am still doing all the research to find out how much it would cost me to have one? I wonder if people use these as Airbnbs on their property? If so I am totally doing that or renting it out to one of my friends while its not in use! Ughhh it would be so freaking cute and I would decorate it with a shabby chic style with lots of cute little plants and books! Id create a little shelf/bar in front of a window to sit at and read or drink my morning coffee. It would have the most beautiful iron and wood stool for people sit at in front of the window and as sad as it sounds I even have the plates and bowls and silverware from world market picked out that I would put in the kitchen. Clearly I spend way too much time on Pinterest and dreaming……no shame.

I could become the perfect Airbnb host with this tiny house! I would have so much fun decorating a Tiny House. I just have to remember that dreams do come true and I will make this happen one day! I am promising myself now that it will happen.



To learn more about Tiny Houses please look at this website below:



3 thoughts on “The Minimalist Dream”

  1. SO in some ays I feel like I am a minimalist. I live in a 200 square foot apartment, So I have learned to downsize. If I ever move out of the city, I would love a house like this. It would be perfect and not give me as much anxiety as I try to figure out how to fill it with things. Lol. Thanks for sharing sweets! ❤

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