“The Bookshop on the Corner” Book Review

I can’t get over this book! I’ve moved on to two other books since reading it and each time I start reading I think I’m still reading a book about a girl in a small village and her van full of books. I just didn’t want the story to end!

Jenny Colgan really got me hooked on this book and her writing is perfect and exactly what I love! I was actually in a reading rut and this book brought me back to life. I already want to read it again haha I even want to book the next flight to Ireland just to see the beautiful scenery that I imagined in the book while Nina looks out the wide window in her small cottage on the farm.

I honestly think that if you are in search for some inspiration then this is the book to read. Nina Redmond is a Librarian in a chaotic city and suddenly the library is closing. Nina has dreams of having her own mobile bookshop and who can blame her? It sounds like a dream job! The idea of bringing books back to small villages that no longer have a library is a beautiful thing indeed. Nina finds herself searching for the perfect van and discovers one in a small village called Kirrinfief many miles away from the big city.

Nina realizes that small village where she bought the van is in desperate need of a bookshop considering there wasn’t one for several miles. She decides it’s time for her to leave the big city and move to Kirrenfief to begin her new life. She gets mere inches from the front of train, rents a beautiful apartment from a hunky farmer, becomes the highlight of the entire village and business is booming.


The Bookshop on the Corner is a beautiful story that keeps you dying to know what will happen next to Nina Redmond. It is certainly a book that will make you want to get all cozy or sit outside a coffee shop and read for hours. You can’t go wrong with Jenny Colgan, this is a fact! Let me know if any of you read this book or have any other recommendations. Keep a look out if you like book reviews by the way, I have another one coming soon. Thank you for reading this weeks blog post!


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