D.I.Y. Adorable Planters

I am new to the DIY scene but I’m actually enjoying it so far! This one was very easy but the only issue is having a steady hand which I do not have so maybe try some stencils for the design or drawing with a pencil before hand. I haven’t even explained what I made yet did I? Decorative plant pots!

So I originally saw this on Pinterest a while ago but never took the time to make it and now that I have I love it and there are so many different things you can make with this. I’m thinking right now of all the different prints I can put on my next pot. This is going to be one of those things that I over do and end up regretting it….

Anyways this is super simple and cheap! I started off by going to Michaels and getting a couple ceramic pots which only costed $1.79 each and if you go on the Michaels website you can always find great deals and coupons you can download and use on your phone at checkout. If you don’t have any black markers or sharpies at home I’d recommend buying one at Michaels while you are there, I used one of those paint brush pens that people usually use for calligraphy. Next, go to your local Home Depot and go to the paint department and ask for a sample size of any color paint you’d like, I went for just a basic white. Don’t forget to grab a brush! I got one of those foam brushes that cost like .50 cents.


Once you’ve got all your supplies head on over to your work space and get going! I painted one coat on my plant pot and then waited till the next day to paint the next layer.  Once the paint is dry I found a picture of a design I liked and got drawing. Super simple and if you want you can easily find stencils on amazon or etsy or you could even make your own stencils with some thicker paper.


  • ceramic paint pot
  • white paint (or whichever color you desire)
  • brushes
  • black marker


I love that you can use these adorable little pots for practically anything! I can’t decide what i want to do with mine but its between pen and pencil holder, makeup brush holder, or actually using it for plants. If I use it for plants it’ll probably be a fake plant lets be honest…I do not have that green thumb that it takes to have real plants and actually keep them alive. Plus I don’t want to get my little pots all dirty haha I hope you enjoyed this posts and I will leave a link down below to some really cute stencils packs I found on amazon for you to look at and give a try if you make your own. Thank you for reading everyone!


Contact: simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com

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