Day 15| Advent Calendar Haul

On the morning of December 1st, what is the first thing you do? Open your advent calendar!!!!! Everyone has to experience the joy of getting a daily chocolate for the count down of Christmas and I take this very seriously and each year I swear it gets worse and worse haha Lets just start out by saying because I have three this year….

Yup, three advent calendars but who doesn’t want three chocolates a day? You must be crazy if you don’t, unless you’re allergic to chocolate…then I understand. My mom and I have had advent calendars every year for as long as I can remember and now we are starting to go crazy and get the fancy ones! This years is amazing and the packaging is so adorable that it mades me sad to have to throw it away after Christmas. I have to say, I am obsessed with the Heilemann chocolates and their advent calendars are just gorgeous. The one shaped like a house is the one my mom and I got for ourselves and the one shaped like a rocking horse is the one I bought for Lee which I am way jealous of because his has fancy truffles but I also love mine because they are full on figurines of Christmas related things and I wish I took pictures of them but I just can’t wait to eat them once I open the day.


My other two calendars this year are your basic $1.50 calendars with small little milk chocolates which are still wonderful because well its chocolate and you just can’t go wrong with that. For the past two years I’ve boughten all the guys in my department an advent calendar for work and of course is they get a world calendar then so should I! What I find sad is I actually introduced advent calendars to one of the guys who is almost  60 years old and how he has gone all this time without ever having one is beyond me! He now looks forward to getting his calendar every year and he’s always the first person to open his chocolate of the day. I even had to keep an eye on their calendars because they kept saying they wanted to go ahead and eat the next days chocolate tsk tsk. Whats nice about having a work advent calendar is that after your days off you have a couple of chocolates you get to enjoy instead of just the one for the day. Right now I’m taking four days off to move and I can’t wait to enjoy all that chocolate on Monday morning.

My last advent calendar is at home with Lee. His mom gets us each one every year as well and every morning I bring all our advent calendars to him and we open them together, kind of our little tradition and I honestly think he would forget about it if I didn’t remind him.

I think next year I’m going to try and find like a beer advent calendar or something for Lee if thats actually a thing. If not it definitely should be! Let me know if you guys have seen anything like that or if you have one yourself because I looked around in November and I couldn’t find anything. I would also love to know your advent calendar traditions and what kind you get. Happy holidays everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow for another wonderful day of blogmas.





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