Day 14| Cozy Night In

I suggest to every one to have a night of pure relaxation and that is what I am in desperate need of at the moment. Moving is rough and even rougher when you are moving just days before christmas…I don’t want to move in December ever again!!!!

It is literally taking the worst toll on my Blogmas! I was nailing it the first 10 days and then BAM, complete failure. I honestly thought I had enough content saved up for plenty of days to get me through the move without worrying about it but nooooo. I think we all know what my New Years resolution will be, become a better planner!

Since all the stuff I’d like to take pictures of is packed away in boxes, lets talk about the perfect cozy night and all the things you need to make it perfect. I always like to start with taking a nice hot shower or bath and unwind using Bath & Body Works Stress Relief. I am obsessed with the Aromatherapy line in Bath & Body Works and Stress Relief is the best if you like minty scents.

After a nice relaxing shower I like to get into my cozy pajamas which at the moment consists of my matching top and bottom thermals with little cacti wearing Santa hats. Along with matching, thick fuzzy socks. Probably my favorite thing in the world right now haha I love my matching pajamas, it makes me feel like an adult and child all at the same time!

Now for the final touches! A cozy blanket, hot cup of tea, and a good film. As a matter of fact as I type this I’m curled up under my favorite blanket with Ginger all snuggled up next to me and watching Santa Claus. Doesn’t get better than this!

I know this is an quick fix for my lack of blogmas posts but I am honestly really mad at myself for not planning better. Next year I will have everything locked and loaded for all 24 days of blogmas before December even begins! I hope you are all having a Happy Holiday and hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow for another posts.





1 thought on “Day 14| Cozy Night In”

  1. Huge huge hugs. Girl you MOVED! That is crazy insane to do during Christmas and you are my Type A goals! Do not beat yourself up about lack of posts. It happens and it makes when you do pst that much more special! You definitely deserve a night in and it sounded amazing! ❤

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