Day 5| Christmas Films For Everyone

Happy Blogmas every body! I hope you are all doing fabulous and getting into the holiday spirit. I couldn’t be happier this time of the year. Now, there is nothing like getting cozy by the fireplace and enjoying some Christmas Films with a giant mug of hot chocolate or cider. I love a good Christmas film so here are some of my favorites.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Thank you Dr. Seuss for this Christmas gift! I remember when this came out I was super little and went to see it in theaters. As a child I grew up watching the old cartoon version which of course is still great, but when the real people version came out it was like whoa! It’s still a huge deal when they take cartoons and use real people. You should have seen how hysterical my mom and I became when they came out with the real people Scooby Doo. Jim Carrey was amazing as the Grinch and I don’t think anybody could have done better.

Home Alone I & II

Back when Macaulay Culkin was that adorable little child that got lost and forgotten every Christmas. After the first one you start to wonder if those were the best parents…😕 You even begin to love the burglar characters and slightly feel sorry for them since they really get beaten up by a child.

The Holiday

This is one of those Christmas films where you can’t get in trouble for watching it in the middle of June. Its funny, and I love how it brings people together from across the globe. I never thought I would see Jack Black play in a romantic comedy and now that I have I love him so much more haha Some actors and actresses I have a hard time picturing in certain roles but he nailed it. He still had his goofy charm which made it impossible for Kate Winslet to not enjoy his company and we can’t forget the gorgeous creatures that are Cameron Diaz and Jude Law!!! For me this is definitely a feel good movie where you can cozy up.

Eloise at Christmas

This was definitely a childhood favorite and I still love watching Eloise get into mischief. Eloise is a 6 year old girl who is living everyone woman dream at a young age. She lives in the Plaza Hotel in New York and has tons of fun with her Nanny, Julie Andrews, and all of the staff at the Plaza. She certainly knows how to keep them all on their toes! I’m not going to lie, I think I’ll watch it now that I’ve been thinking about it.

Miracle on 34th Street

Absolutely, positively, the most classical Christmas movie besides Its a Wonderful Life, which I actually have not seen. I love the older and the newer version and I usually don’t like the remakes but they did an extremely good job on this one. Its a beautiful movie that really brings joy to all and can easily get everybody in the Christmas Spirit. It might even make you believe in Santa Claus if you already don’t.


If you haven’t seen any of these movies you have to watch them! They will definitely get you singing Christmas Carols and make you want a nice cup of Hot Cocoa. Christmas movies always make me happy and pretty much anything else that is involved with the month of December. Happy Blogmas everybody!




1 thought on “Day 5| Christmas Films For Everyone”

  1. Love your selection! The Grinch is such a classic and Jim Carrey is scary good in it! I love Miracle on 34th Street. I love all the old movies like that, Holiday Inn and White Christmas. (which is MY favorite!) thanks for sharing beauty! Happy Blogmas! ❤

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