Day 4| Must Watch Vlogmas

Welcome back to my Blogmas everybody! I hope you are all loving it so far, today I’d like to talk about my favorite Vlogmas which incase you didn’t know is when a Youtuber Vlogs every single day leading up to Christmas. Please leave a comment down below as to who YOUR favorite Vlogmas is.

I’m sure you can already guess who I am going to say is my favorite because who doesn’t love her. ZOELLA & POINTLESS BLOG! How can you just not love them together. I absolutely love watching their videos and they make me so happy even when I am having a rough day. Honestly they have made me a better person and made me want to be more positive. Zoella is actually a big reason as to why I started my blog because I have always wanted one but never thought anyone would be interested but she made me realize that I shouldn’t be afraid and if it makes me happy then to just do it and so I did. I love my blog and it has only gotten better over time. I may only have a small community of readers but I love them all and I am so happy that even one person reads my blog. Back to the point of this post haha VLOGMAS, its great and in the past years Zoella has done Vlogmas and a daily upload on her main channel which is crazy! She does so much and I don’t see how she finds the time. She always gets me into the Christmas mood and I look forward to watching her Vlogmas every year.

Alfie Deyes A.K.A Pointlessblog is another great Vlogmas to watch. Him and Zoella just make everyone so happy and cheerful so he is also another reason I have become a more positive person and his Vlogmas always makes me laugh and brings joy to all his viewers. Alfie is always the one doing crazy videos and we can never forget the DIY Deyes videos and the morning backflips. You can never guess what he is going to do next haha Such a random dude but I think that is whats so great about him because you never know whats coming and it encourages people to step out of their bubble and try new things and get out of that normal routine once and a while to try something new. Such as a solid chocolate pumpkin…

I know this is a short list but if you watch Vlogmas you’ll know that there just isn’t enough time in the day to watch everyones Vlogmas haha You’ve gotta have your staple Vloggers to watch everyday. Have a great day everyone and I’ll catch you tomorrow! Don’t forget to let me know who’s your favorite in the comments down below.



*cover photo is not owned by me*


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