Day 3| Favorite Ornaments

I would love to have a very organized and themed Christmas tree but it just can’t be done! I have too many ornaments that I’ve collected over the years with my mom that have become staple items for the Christmas Tree.

Lets start with a new one I’ve added this year and that would be Lee and I’s first apartment key that I made into a a cute little ornament. Even though its basically just a key chain placed on a Christmas Tree its still something I will always hold dear to me.

So in case you didn’t already know I am a HUGE coffee addict so this next ornament will 100% make sense haha. Every year Starbucks comes out with their Christmas cup ornaments and of course every year my mom and I always buy one. I probably have 20 of these cups but its practically a tradition now.


I can’t remember a time where we didn’t have this ornament and it is the staple item for the whole entire tree. The Teddy Bear tree topper. My mom and I have had these Teddy Bears forever and the Christmas Tree wouldn’t be complete without them!

Another mushy couples thing but I also love our globe ornament because its the first ornament Lee and I bought together for our first Christmas when we moved out…okay now I’m done with being mushy.


Since our Tree is so small this year due to moving it basically only fits my top ornaments haha pretty sad huh? Oh well, next year Christmas will be way better and the tree will be out of this world with all my crazy, random ornaments. Happy Blogmas everybody! See ya tomorrow.






5 thoughts on “Day 3| Favorite Ornaments”

  1. Ahhh I love ornaments! And those Starbucks coffee ones are life! My tree is the same, it doesn’t really have a theme thanks to collecting ornaments since I was a child but I DO have a ton of skating ornaments, and every year I get a new skater with the year inscribed on it. It has become a tradition 🙂 ❤

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    1. My mom is literally my best friend and I would not survive without her haha I’m so happy to see another person with such a great relationship with their mom, it’s truly a beautiful thing. ❤


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