September Favorites

September was such a great month I feel like! I finally got to start painting Lee and I’s new place that we are moving too and furniture was purchased and ahhhhh it was great haha Mainly because I got to get new furniture bits and plan the colors I am painting our walls with.

I am so happy with the colors I have done so far, in our bedroom I wanted a funky accent wall that was just completely different so I went to Home Depot and spent wayyyy too much time staring at all the paint swatches and decided with a beautiful deep teal color and the other three walls in the bedroom are a light gray color. I got lucky with the gray because most of the time they look blueish gray but this one doesn’t haven’t that blue tint. Most of the place is an off white color called Painters White but I am having some debate on the bathrooms and kitchen. The cabinets that are going in are an almost Cherrywood color and the countertops are a tan granite with specs of white, gray, and black. So much to debate on….back to Home Depot I guess haha


FURNITURE SHOPPING IS AMAZING!!! I’m probably just getting lucky though because I usually find stuff like that tedious at times because I always have a hard time finding pieces I love and actually want to spend my money on. I certainly hit the jackpot though at World Market, Pottery Barn, and Target. Target actually just came out with a new line of furniture called Project 62 that has some really good pieces. I bought two nightstands there and they are so sturdy and perfect. Marble tops and rustic wood legs with a small catch tray built into the bottom of the legs. It’s perfect for my decor and will look great with the colors I have in the bedroom. When we get all moved in and settled I’ll do a proper home decor haul and post pictures of everything. Right now it’s all sitting in a garage waiting to be moved 😦

More on the furniture front, I am really loving Urban Outfitters and their apartment selection. I personally like more minimalist decor and less patterns and everything UO has is minimalistic and nothing super intricate which is perfect for me and it makes their products so much more versatile because they keep it simple. If you have seen my June & July Favorites post you’ll know about the adorable mini industrial dresser I purchased from them and I love it! I’m just waiting till we move so I can turn it into my makeup drawers.

In Homeware this month, William Sonoma has come out with the cutest coffee cups and my mom got me the cutest one that has a copper casing around it and a white ceramic cup setting inside so you can take the ceramic cup out and still microwave it and use it for a hot beverage.


Makeup was another slow month for me. Not by choice but since I’ve been spending money on painting ad new furniture my sephora spending money has shriveled to nothing. I did however receive the prettiest Laura Mercier highlighter that is meant for a more subtle look which is perfect for a simple makeup day. Its one of those highlighters where you can just swirl it all over your face and it won’t look over done OR you can go to town and pile it up on your cheek bones and nose for a beautifully highlighted face.

Lastly lets talk social media….so I am not the biggest fan of social media. I get anxiety just thinking about Facebook because I find it so frustrating haha Its never really been my thing and I tried creating one for my blog and I couldn’t even get myself to finish setting it up. I did however create an Instagram account and I am trying so hard to be a perfect instagrammer but its so difficult 😫 Plus I constantly forget I have it and never remember to post anything. I’m working on it though so if you’d like to follow me over there my name is I’ve even had Twitter for a year now and I am still horrible at posting besides the tweets that are linked through my blog posts that post automatically.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my September Favorites and I promise I will do a full Home Decor haul once we get all moved in which unfortunately won’t be until December now so I’m mainly devastated about not having a tree probably. Have a lovely day and I’lll see you real soon! Byeeeee




Behr Paint

UO – Mini Industrial Dresser

Target – Marble & Wood Nightstands

Laura Mercier Highlighter

William Sonoma

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