Dreaming of Leaves Falling

I don’t think I have ever been more ready for FALL!!!!! I just want to see leaves falling and the sky turn into that grey blur when it’s ready to rain. Oh how I miss those days dearly. Fall is where I can wear all my favorite clothing items and bring out all my comfy jumpers and cozy sweatshirts. Whose excited to wear that never worn jumper you bought when they all went on sale back in May? I AM SO READY!!!!

Just the other day I was walking through my neighborhood grocery store and I couldn’t believe my eyes but they were starting to bring out Halloween decorations…..is it sad I wanted to buy some? When the month of September comes around I get extremely excited because you know thats the month all the Fall items will be out and all the stores are preparing for Halloween.All the Jack O’ Lanterns, creepy masks, Haunted Houses, and everything that would be weird during the rest of the year become a normal thing for just two months of the year…..which is definitely not enough time.


Even though I absolutely love California and the fact that we are just a few hours from the ocean breeze and snow falling, I have always wanted to live in a place like the UK because it is practically Fall and Winter all year round and only a month or so of Summer weather seems ideal to me. Although as weird and brief as it was, the other day it started to slightly rain in the early hours of the morning and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was. Just a few drops is all it takes for me to be antsy about a rain storm. Those lovely morning when you wake up early and the rain is hitting against the windows and all you want to do is sit at a coffee shop in a comfy sweater and read a good book with a nice cup of coffee. Oh how I wish I was doing that right now….

This year I am even more excited for rain because Lee and I have decided to get a jump on revamping our furniture and buying a new couch and comfy chair for the living room and possibly a bed frame and each of those items just make me want to snuggle up in a chunky blanket and never get up. For weeks now I have been looking through so many different websites and saving item after item for new home decor. I want to completely change my style and get more into a proper scheme for our home and get things that will last us a long time. I’ve already thought out my main color scheme and how to make each  room different but still match in a way. Now all I have to do is get him on board with everything….wish me luck!

Sorry about this weeks ramble session but I have been so excited about Fall weather and my nostalgia is only getting worse by writing this post. I WANT RAIN!!!!! I’m sure plenty of you can agree with me on that haha On a quick note though, just to add to this ramble session…..have any of you guys seen Zoe Sugg’s new Lifestyle Range!?!? I want to buy things so badly but I don’t know how to purchase things from the UK so if anyone knows please tell me. I am so proud of her and after watching her videos year after year she has become such an amazing role model for boys and girls across the world and I strive to be like her in so many ways. Thank you for reading this weeks post and I look forward to writing more and more as I jump back into my regular routine of posting.



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