Warby Parker Frames for Days Fall Collection

If I had to wear glasses I would definitely want a pair that matched my outfits and matched my look. Something funky but classy, different and unique. Warby Parker is the way to go! I recently received an email saying they were releasing their new Fall Collection and asked if I would like a sneak peek and even though I don’t wear glasses, their sunglasses are to die for as well.

In their new Fall collection they experimented with different materials and color combinations. I think my absolutely favorite pair would be the Rose Gold metal and Black frames combination. It is perfect for every modern day woman and can be worn casual or formal because of how simplistic the look is. You can go wrong with basic black and a touch of metallic. Oh how I wish I wore glasses!!! I want a pair of these so bad haha


Pretty much all the metallics they use in this collection is paired perfectly with frames that could go with practically anything. With glasses you don’t need more than one pair and if you have a pair that will go with the theme of your wardrobe then they are the best pair ever. They even give you options as to whether you want thin or thick frames depending how they fit your face and if you go to their website you can even try them on from home with their photo technology.


Even though this collection is based mainly around glasses they still through in some sunglasses as well which you can see as my cover photo and also this other pair that again gives you a touch of metallic with a beautiful Gold and light colored frames to go with the upcoming Fall color palette. The one I have set as my cover photo is another favorite because I love the almost leopard print design around the frames paired with Rose Gold and a dark lens.


Straying from the metallics they went with a few more subtle pairs of glasses that still use beautiful color schemes that will have you begging for leaves to start falling and rain to pour.


I love how they use warm colors but then are able to incorporate cooler colors such as blue. Even the dusty rose color with the leopard print frames match exquisitely and give that extra pop of color to make the glasses more interesting to the eye. and of course you once again have your basic black with the leopard print which is a color combo you can never go wrong with.

Warby Parker has tons of different styles and shades to choose from for eye glasses and their gorgeous sunglasses styles. I look forward to getting my own pair of Warby Parker sunglasses after spending so much time starring at all the different ones to choose from. Besides, everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses or reading glasses or even both and Warby Parker is the great place to find both. All of these glasses go on sale in store and online on September 12th, today, and starting at $95.

“As always, for 

every pair sold, a pair

is distributed to

someone in need.”

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I want all my readers to know that I was not paid to write this, these are my honest and true opinions on Warby Parker frames. I really do want a pair and after writing this I want some even more haha How could you not? Even their other collections are fantastic and they have frames for everyones style. Have a lovely day everyone and I will see you next week for another post! Byeeee❤️


Contact: simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com


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