August Favorites

Its the beginning of the month again which means it must be time for a favorites post! Literally these are my favorite types of blogs and YouTube videos and I know you guys love them too. This month I am getting way too excited about Fall and you are about to see what I mean when I say WAY too excited.

I have always had a hard time finding clothing that I love but recently I took a look inside Nordstromrack and found quite a few hidden gems. It was the first time in a while I actually bought more than one item in a clothing store in one trip haha As you may have noticed we are getting closer and closer to sweater weather so of course I bought a cozy, chunky jumper and a new jacket. The Jumper I found was from Topshop actually and it is so warm and soft and the design is quite different from what I usually wear. It has black knitting down the sleeves and front and a pale pink down the back and on the inside of the cuffs. I’m trying to get more color into my wardrobe which is a lot harder than I thought. The jacket I fell in love with is a sort of rusty burnt orangish red color with gold zippers made out of suede which I can already tell I will be reaching for a lot if I am going on a night out or I just feel like dressing up to get my morning coffee. The third item I found was actually a summer item shocking enough. It’s this soft black shirt with white embroidery on the ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt and small tassels hanging around the edge. I looked at it on the hanger and had some debate but after trying it on I almost didn’t want to take it off.


Moving even further into the Fall season Bath & Body Works came out with their Fall candles!!!!!! What made it even better was they were buy two, get two free….I was doomed from the first sniff. Of course I walked out of the shop with four candles, I couldn’t resist. The first one I reached for was my all time favorite scent, Leaves. I fell in love with that candle last year and the packaging is just gorgeous. Each year they just get prettier and prettier and it makes it hard to throw away the empty jar. The other scents i ended up getting were Marshmallow Fireside, A.K.A yum in a jar, Hot Cocoa, and Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl. All amazing scents that I will probably have to replace before the season is up.


As of lately I have been trying different recipes and attempting to cook more and I discovered that I actually like Dover Sole! I have never been a huge fish person before but its so light and if you cook it with just flour around it to create a slight crisp and salt, pepper, garlic, and lemon makes it perfect.


This month I practically binge watched the TV show Younger and I loved it! Its about a 40 year old woman who wants to get back into the work force of publishing but no one wants to hire an older woman, all they want are young people. She pretends to be 26 years old and ends up getting a job as a secretary to a publisher at a company called Imperical. Its crazy the life she lives and it’s a perfect winding down, lazy day TV show.


I have recently been searching for some new homeware such as cups or new bowls and when I was searching amazon one day I came across Edison Lightbulb glasses! How cool is that? Even the lid looks like the top of a lightbulb and the gold matches my decor perfectly. I’ll leave a link down below for you to check them out! I think they are a great little accent to the kitchen.

Unfortunately there was nothing new in makeup this month but I’m hoping to see some good fall colors coming out and I’m sure I’ll find some lipsticks or eyeshadows in the near future. I am way over due on a new lipstick haha Have a lovely week everyone is peek into my blog next week because there is a really good review post coming up! See you soon!




Bath & Body Works Candles

Tinksky 400ml Tea Water Cup Bottle – Light Bulb Shaped

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