“Don’t Worry, Life is Easy” Book Review

I LOVED THIS BOOK AND THE BOOK BEFORE IT!!! Agnes Martin-Lugand is just an amazing author and last year I fell in love with her book Happy People Read and Drink Coffee. I even wrote a book review on it last year so if you’d like to head on over check it and click here. This is going to be another hard book review to write because I get way too excited and I just want to talk about every bit of the book but I can’t spoil it for you!

If you read the first book you will know the main character Diane and how she has gone through so much heartache over the years and how she fled to Ireland to get away from her depressing life in France. Although she loved Ireland she went back home to her apartment above Happy People and continued on her coffee shop lifestyle alongside her best friend Felix who also works at Happy People.

After everything Diane has gone through she finally finds happiness again and starts to think she could move on from her deceased husband and start her life over again. Until she sees Him again. Her Ireland past has come rushing back into her life and even though she thought she was past everything, the flames start to rise again. Diane learns that things are not well in Ireland and she may only have a small amount of time to go and see someone she became very fond of back in Mulranny. What started off as a friendly visit to see a sick friend turns into more and things get complicated between her and her past. Many things have happened in the time that she has been back in France but she wasn’t prepared for everything she has walked back into.


Sounds like a pretty good book huh? I really recommend this book to anyone that enjoys cute love stories that really tug at your heart strings and if you loved the first book then you will love to find out what happens with Diane.

If you choose to read these books I would love to know what you think and if you have any recommendations for me as well please let me know. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this weeks book review!


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