Why Is He Always Right?

I think we all know those people who constantly tell you what TV shows, movies, or books that you need to try because you will apparently love them. Then one day you decide to try them and deep down you want to hate every bit of it just to prove them wrong but you know they are right…..it’s so annoying when that happens haha

Lee always tells me watch his TV shows because according to him they are the greatest TV shows ever and since he won’t try to watch my TV shows I never want to try his but I mostly give in and….well….I usually like them unfortunately. It is so annoying when he is right! It happens too often haha I’m sure tons of you out there suffer from the same issues as I do and understand how it goes every time we sit to watch TV…..

me: “Can I watch Younger?”

Lee: “No, lets watch something we both like.”

me: “What are you thinking?”

Lee: “Game of Thrones.”

me: “But I don’t like Game of Thrones.”

Lee: “Yes you do.”

me: “Uhh no I don’t.”

Lee: “Oh well, we’re watching it anyways.”

me: “……”

Yeah that about sums it up haha This is where it gets annoying though. I actually agreed to watch one season of his choice all the way through and he chose season two. I’m now about to start season three….willingly. Once again, I hate when he’s right. Game of Thrones definitely is NOT my type of TV show but it is very interesting as too how the families tie together and all the different stores fit together in the end and of course after seeing one full season I can’t just stop there. I have to know what happens to all of them!


The Dark Tower series, this one I had a feeling I would like. Lee listened to the whole series on audio book and loved it and the movie that just came out is a prologue to what happens after the series so we went and saw it and I fell in love with it! It was a masterpiece of creativity. I never thought I would be a Stephen King fan but I can officially say I am, at least a fan of his not so scary books and movies.

BoJack Horseman I always thought was just a ridiculously dumb TV show and he was always watching it and finally I sat through a couple episodes and I ended up enjoying it of course. It is rather funny and stupid but its enjoyable to watch on a lazy day where you don’t want to move and you don’t want to have to think about anything.


Yeahhhhhh its pretty annoying how he’s right about these things but at least I’m broadening my options by trying these TV shows and books. I’m trying to get more into his type of shows haha Now I’ve just gotta get him to enjoy my TV shows…..like that’ll ever happen. Sorry about my quick ranting session, I’m sure some of you can relate though haha Have a great day of Blogging!


*I would just like to add that I do not own any of these photos*

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3 thoughts on “Why Is He Always Right?”

  1. Im the opposite, I’m too stubborn to change my opinion on things. So if I see something on Netflix or anywhere else that looks bad too me, but its a popular show I still wont watch it because Im way too committed to my TV opinions haha.

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    1. Haha I try to keep an open mind but I’m stubborn at first and usually I give in to trying his TV shows eventually. I held off for a really long time on watching game of thrones.


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