June & July Favorites

June was a slow month for new items to pop up but July has been filled with new and fantastic finds! I have gotten really big on Home Decor recently and trying to upgrade bits of furniture so you will be seeing lots of stuff like that in this post. There are  few beauty and makeup favorites as well but enough of this chit chat, lets just jump right in.

HOME DECOR has been a huge thing lately because since Lee and I are moving we are trying to get more permanent furniture and upgrade from our hand me downs. The big thing we are upgrading is our couch but that isn’t going to happen until we move in. Anyways, lets start with the bedroom. We’ve been wanting a fluffier comforter for some time now and we actually found one on Amazon that is perfect for us. Its fluffy and it keeps you warm but the fabric also has the ability to keep you cool and comfortable at the same time which we love because we are both the type of people that have to have a blanket wrapped around us to be able to sleep. People that don’t sleep with a blanket of some kind are just crazy! It’s also reversible so it can be grey or white.


I have also begun to obsess over pillows lately….I blame Target since they cam out with super cute colorful faux fur pillows. They only have a few colors to choose from but I went with this beautiful dusty rose color and a grey one, I’m in debate on whether or not I want to get the white one. I think the reason I have become obsessed recently is because pillows are usually super expensive and the Target ones were only $20 and then I also picked up a gorgeous emerald green velvet pillow from World Market for only $10. You can’t beat those prices!

Since Lee and I are moving to a place with 2 bedrooms we will be able to have a home office space which I am super excited to have finally. I have always wanted a home office that I can decorate and stay organized in. I’m planning on using my portion of the office to also have a floor mirror so I can do my makeup in there and have more storage space in the bathrooms, which is why I purchased this adorable mini dresser from Urban Outfitters and I actually have to thank Zoe Sugg for this one because she gave me the idea to use it as a makeup storage except I don’t exactly have enough makeup to fill the larger dresser like she has but that is a goal haha


One more small item that I found this month was a jewelry dish that I purchased at one of my local grocery stores actually and it is adorable. There isn’t much to say about a jewelry dish but I thought I would just throw it in here because as sad as it sounds I was rather excited about buying it when I saw what it said haha. No shame!


Lets talk stationery! I love getting new office bits which is why I can’t wait to have an actual office. For now I just fill my office craving with cute notebooks and fancy pens that are slightly impractical but I make it work. I found this notebook at Target actually and I love the color scheme of it. I’m slowly trying to make my homes color scheme to Emerald Green, Black, White, Grey, and a Maple Brown color. I’m sure you can see why I loved this notebook so much. Also who doesn’t love a fresh notebook? For some reason I feel a little more important when I use notebooks and actually fill them up with things that probably don’t need to be written down but I do just so my fancy notebooks serves a purpose. Again, no shame! I also found these funky pens at Paper Source the other day and not only do they look cool and will never roll away from where you set it down, they make me feel good. haha Now you might be wondering “How does a pen make her feel better about herself?” Each pen has a positive saying on it and I am a firm believer that we should enjoy the small things in life, even if it is as small as a pen.



Moving onto the best parts of monthly favorites, MAKEUP & BEAUTY!!!!! I always look forward to this part of favorites. First item is by Bobbi Brown, my mom always gets Bobbi Brown makeup and recently she began using the stick foundation and told me it was great for light coverage which is exactly what I have been looking for but I never wanted to spend the money. She was right though, this stuff is amazing and you can make is light or full coverage just by building up the amount you apply to your face. It blends nicely and even with light coverage gives you that extra little glow.


I don’t know if I mentioned this product before but I started using Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner and my hair has never felt softer. I used to use the Coconut Water but the milk seems to give my hair a little bit of extra volume which my thin hair needs. I also gave a new beauty trick a try by reversing my hair washing process and conditioned first and then shampooed and it seemed to give my hair even more volume so I highly recommend trying this Shampoo and Conditioner and giving this tip a try. I have fairly short hair so it doesn’t tangle too much so if you have long hair I don’t know if reversing would work unless you use a detangling spray.

All good things must come to an end, so for my last favorites item of these two months is a hair spray. Now I don’t use a lot of hair products because with my job I wear a hat so its pointless to go out of my way with my hair until recently when I decided that on my days off I want to try a little harder with my appearance and actually do something with my hair. I’ve tried beach wave spray before and they always leave my hair feeling dry and gross because of all the salt but I recently discovered the brand Oaui, in my local Sephora  and they have a wave spray that smells so good that I wish it was a perfume and it works wonders with my hair. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling crispy or dirty and lasts fairly well  throughout the day. I do however recommend using this spray when your hair is still damp because I’ve found that it works best with damp hair.

As always please let me know if you try any of these products or if you have any items that you would like to suggest. Thank you and have a lovely day!



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