“D.C. Trip” By Sara Benincasa

Definitely a must read! I couldn’t put this book down because of how hilarious and fun this book was. It captivates the reader and keeps the reader focused on each character by splitting the stories every other chapter. This would be a great book for everyone especially young adults.

If you have dreams of travel and mischief then this book is right up your alley. Three high school girls are on a class field trip to Washington D.C. and learn more than just history in our Nations Capitol, they learned about themselves. It has a lot of relatable moments from high school such as the group of three snotty girls that try to ruin everything and of course we can’t forget the boy drama. It’s definitely a throw back book for high school days because you can probably imagine someone you knew in high school that is talked about in this book.


Reading this book also makes me want to get online and book my flight to D.C. right this second! I really want to visit Washington D.C. one day and actually see all of our historical monuments. After reading this book though, it shows that there is more than just monuments that are interesting in D.C. I don’t want to reveal too much of the book but the girls end up on basically the party side of town and find themselves sitting in a very interesting club that excited Sivan very much! Gertie, one of the main girls, starts out as a shy individual who has had a MONSTER crush on a boy named Danny Bryan and is pushed by Siva and Rachel to confront him on the D.C. trip. Rachel however is the wild rebellious one of the group and all she wants is adventure in her life no matter what it takes. By the end of the trip all three of the girls rebel against the rules but how their master plan works out by the end of the trip is absolute wild. You’ll just have to read the book to find out what happens though. 😉


As for the other half of the story, a new teacher named Alicia Deats does what every noobie would do and volunteers for an assignment that entails more than what she expects. Chaperoning the D.C. field trip. By her side she is chaperoning with another teacher named Brian Kenner who has made this trip a few times to where he knows what to expect.Brian Kenner isn’t just any teacher though…..he is THE teacher that Alicia begins to crush on the second she meets him at the Faculty Staff Meeting at Chili’s and lets just say that she didn’t exactly make a very good first impression with Brian thanks to a few too many Margaritas. Of course the two end up being chaperones together for the whole trip and breaking the awkward tension between them was more work than watching over the class.

D.C. Trip is a great read that captivates the reader with several different emotions and the two stories are told very well and are brought together perfectly. This is definitely a terrific creation by Sara Benincasa and I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.

I hope you enjoyed my review on this book and please let me know if you give this book a read and what you thought of it. I love you all and I’ll see you all next week for another post on Simply Ashley! Have a great week everyone ❤️



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