Endless Possibilities

Hello lovely readers! This weeks blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader. So just a quick thank you to them for allowing me to be a part of their competition. Lets talk design this week! Design is absolutely everywhere you go but I would specifically like to talk about fashion design. If you are one of those people that have a very wide selection of clothes but then only wears about 1/3rd of the clothes you have then you can relate to this post.

I really wish I was one of those people that had a smaller amount of clothes and would be able to pack every item in one box but that is just not possible for me. I go through my clothes probably every 3 months or so and I always get rid of few items but never enough….I’m always stuck with a giant chunk of my closet being clothes that I will “maybe” wear or “need” for some reason. This week I want to show you guys how to create several different cute outfits with just a small selection of clothes by mixing and matching. With a good red lip or accessories these outfits can easily be made for dressing up for a night out or you can keep them casual.

Here’s a list of the clothing items I will be using in all of these outfit options and these outfits can easily be tweaked by using similar bits of clothing that you own:

  • Olive Green Army Jacket (Literally goes with EVERYTHING!!!) *Old Navy
  • Oversized Denim Jacket *ASOS
  • Short Denim Overalls *Cotton On
  • Black Skinny Jeans *Zara
  • Levi Denim Jeans *Levi’s
  • Black T-Shirt with Leonardo da Vinci Skull *Nordstrom
  • Basic Grey T-Shirt or Tank Top *Cotton On
  • Red Chunky Jumper *Cotton On
  • Elephant Long Sleeve Button Up *Zara
  • Burnt Orange Tank Top *Cotton On

As you are about to see, I love my overalls haha Who doesn’t though? Besides my boyfriend….he isn’t the biggest fan but who cares, I FREAKING LOVE THEM!! These are literally outfits I live in through the year and of course I do have other pieces that I wear but these are my go to choices. You just can’t go wrong with outfits like this and I love it because there are so many times where I’m going out with friends or something and I’m not sure what to wear but most of these could go either way for a formal or casual occasion so I usually feel safe with my choice.

I’ve never seen anyone make a post like this but I know they have to be out there somewhere so someone please let me know if you know of any because I would love to read them. I hope you enjoy! These are seriously the outfits I wear on a daily basis and I absolutely love them, they’re comfortable, cute, and affordable pieces to get for your own wardrobe.


There is literally endless possibilities with these bits of clothing and the last one was for all you brave people out there that can wear denim on denim. I haven’t decided if its an outfit I can pull off but one day I will rock that! I really love how you can change these outfits several ways just by switching the shirt around or a change of pants or even just a different pair of shoes. I didn’t add in shoes onto the list mainly because shoes can be easily made to fit several outfits and I’m sure you all have that pair that you wear with everything. My favorite pair are my short Lucky Brand boots that I am wearing in some of the outfits, they can go with practically anything. One article of clothing on my list that you could do without is the button up because I barely wear mine but I just love it so I had to add it in. It’s just one of those fun button ups that could be dressed up or down and I think everyone should have a shirt like that.

Also, sorry about the pictures….I am NOT a model what so ever!!! haha I even tried to make different poses and it was just not happening for me. I’m a tad bit camera shy because I hate having my picture taken. Hence why I barely showed my face but I’m slowly getting over that don’t you worry!

Fashion really is amazing because everyone has their own style but you can always take a small piece from an outfit that you may not like and make it into an outfit you would love. For me I usually go for the more simple clothing bits but I am trying to get more adventurous as we speak! Clothing is just so versatile and there is always something out there for everyone and who cares if other people don’t like it! I think it’s important for everyone to have their own unique style in some way or another even if it is just the tiniest of accessories. If any of you try these outfits with your own wardrobe options please let me know and post a picture on Pinterest or Twitter and tag me in it! I would love to see everyones creativeness. ❤️


Contest Page: CG Trader Annual Blogging Contest 

Contact: simplyashleys.blog@gmail.com



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